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PlayTrickster Creativity Event 2018

Drawing Event 2018 Creativity Event

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PlayTrickster Creativity Event 2018

Start Date: May 3rd

End Date: June 3rd


Event Goals: Players have the freedom to draw whatever they want as long as it has Trickster Online elements.This is a forum event where our creative players could have fun while showing off their talent.



1. This Event is opened to all players in our server. Moderators can also enter this event. GM, Coder, and Admin are disqualified from entering this event.


2. Players are to submit their entries to this forum thread. Submissions to any other place are not accepted.


3. One forum account can have Two entries under the same forum with a single IGN one per category. For this event you can  now have Two entry's, but you may post as many pictures as you may like under the single category.

Entry Example:

IGN: [Mod]Mizzo (Mandatory)

Entry Type: Tell us the type of entry: Drawing or Other  (Mandatory)

Entry Title: (Insert Name)

Description: (Insert Description)

(Image Entry)


4. When submitting your piece(s) please use elements of Trickster in your submissions.  


5. Any Medium is allowed: digital, paint, sketch, collage, charcoal, crayons, pencil, etc... You have creative freedom to choose! Example of what your entries can be: a comic, a sketch, a painting, it's your choice.


6. Do not use existing images* You may use previous artist works as guidelines but you may not plagiarize. If you are not aware google has a feature that allows you to search images. If you can find it we can find it. Any cheating shouldn't be necessary. Only staff gets to call what is cheating. If you suspect someone is cheating, privately message a staff member.


7. Keep the artwork rated PG. Please do not use foul language or any sexual, obscene or offensive content.


8. Please show a level of care: No stick figures! At least show that you're trying. *Please make sure your images are legible.


9. If you want to tell someone you like there work you may do so but please keep there quote in a spoiler.


10. If any drama arises from this event we have the right to cancel or postpone the event. Please stay respectful.


11. In the future we may choose to feature your artwork on the official facebook page. Submitting gives us your approval that we can. The artwork belongs to the artist(s).


12. Uploading Photos on the Forums Guide: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/9443-uploading-photos-on-the-forums/

How to use TinyPic:



13. You may like your own images.


14. Please do not use photo uploading that expire after a week such as photobucket.


15. We may reject any entry that is deemed inappropriate. Entries that are just links or entries whose images cannot be seen will also be rejected.


16. There will be 2 sections you can enter. If your image is a drawing it will be apart of the drawing section.




Each Winner will receive a Wing Set of their choosing. Along with the Artist Set and a set number of Sakura Box 110. Winners will also receive the consolation prize.



Community Choice Awards: These winners are based on the community's top 5 most liked.

We will have 2 Sections: Drawing and Other.


Drawing Choice Awards:

1. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 6 Sakura Box 110

2. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 5 Sakura Box 110

3. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 4 Sakura Box 110

4. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 3 Sakura Box 110

5. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 2 Sakura Box 110


Other Choice Awards:

1. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 6 Sakura Box 110

2. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 5 Sakura Box 110

3. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 4 Sakura Box 110

4. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 3 Sakura Box 110

5. Wing Set of choice, Artist Set, 2 Sakura Box 110



GM Choice Awards: These winners are chosen by GM and Admin..

  1. 50,000 MS pts

  2. 40,000 MS pts

  3. 30,000 MS pts

  4. 20,000 MS pts

  5. 10,000 MS pts

Consolation Prize: These are given to all participants.

25 Repair Powders and 5X Year of the Hare


Have fun Tricksters and get drawing!

-Play Trickster Team

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Hello Dears,


Many players have come to me with concerns that many of the current entry's are not qualified because they are not drawings. You are absolutely right they are not drawings. Originally I stated the artist can choose and use any medium so this is my fault for not being clear.  So to accommodate the players who have already submitted we will change the event.



1. PlayTrickster Drawing Event 2018 is now titled PlayTrickster Creativity Event 2018.

2. There is now two separate categories a player can submit an entry to. Drawing and Other. Drawing is self explanatory. Other can be: sprite manipulation, video,and so on.

3. A player can get the consolation prize twice if they submit an entry to each category. You get double the consultation prize pretty cool right?!


I cant wait to see what you guys come up with! If you have any concerns or comments you may message me I will read them as soon as I can!


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To Help Clarify:

  • You can make 2 Posts in this thread for submissions.
  • There can only be One Post for each category.
  • The two categories are Drawing and Other.
  • They will be counted as two separate entry's.
  • You cannot have two posts of the same category.
  • Each Posted categorical entry will receive the Consolation Prizes.
  • You may post up to 10 images in each category's post (Only 10 Images can be in one forum post).
  • An additional image in the same forum post will not receive a consultation prize, however, it may help you obtain votes or the GM Pick.

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RESERVED! *Feel free to like it now, it'll be cute*


I'm uploading this now because I don't know if I'll have time to finish it due to the nature of other projects, work and free time.


IGN: Misguided/Nerdist

Entry Type: Drawing, Digital

Entry Title: A Perfect Afternoon

Description: This was going to be a sheep but I feel cats look slightly cuter, was always curious of what a cat would look like alternative.





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IGN: Ricehat

Entry Type: Pixel "Art" (Other)

Entry Title: Nora the Explorer

Description: My attempt at pixel art using MS Paint of the entrance to Nora Sewer.


My art skills are bad but I thought I'd give it a shot



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IGN: Shelfo

Entry Type: Digital Drawing

Entry Title: GIRLS

Description: Who run the world? Girls!


IGN: Shelfo

Entry Type: Digital Drawing

Entry Title: Bella #1 Soul Master

Description: In memory of the first #1 SM from this server and the cutest sheep ever


Edited by Shelfo, 28 May 2018 - 09:12 AM.

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IGN: Bunzo

Entry Type: Other??? Comic???

Entry Title: Storage Adventures

Description: Angelina be trolling us when we trying to get into our warehouse...



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"There is only one happiness 

in this life, to love

and be loved."


-George Sand



Hope you guys like and *love* my entry for this event.

Have a good day.


Don't forget to hit " like ". Thanks guys <3


Good luck to everyone ^_^




IGN: Adrazelle

Entry Title: - FOX - LION -

Entry Type: Drawing

Description: I drew this since I don't have a fox and lion. And I think, they are lovely. I might

try making a character sense type. Yiiiipieeeeeee!! <3 




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IGN: Pheles

Entry Type: Other

Entry Title: TBN’s First Beauty Contest


I always loved Trickster’s art and I decided to choose some of my favorite girls in this game and put them together and create a joyful/cute/relaxed situation.


What I tried to represent below was as follows:


Keeper Rachel, Stargazer Ethel (Stella obviously thought that my idea was stupid so she did not want to come), Transformed Rosaline, Banker Lisa, and Dorothy were “selected” to be the finalists. 


Then, I always thought that Mirabo Watty and Miranda Watty needed to have their moment to shine, so what better than using Trickster Broadcast Network’s stage? 

I also chose Dancer Olinda because well, if Shakira were a trickster character, I am sure she would be Dancer Olinda… look at her moves! 

The amazingly talented Sissy Cello showed up as well. Some say she even created melody exclusively for this event.


Ren obviously could not miss this great event and decided to record everything so this moment would not be forgotten.



Tango showed up too and he is here because everything is better when tango is around lol <3


Lastly, all events need organizers and security so a special shout-out to Erin and Vinosh for organizing the event and a shout-out to Shara for making this event so safe :D


For this entry, I used A LOT of sprite manipulation and a video in the background (the stage) to make sure the event was as vivid as possible. Then I used some CSS/HTML to position the characters, edit the video and so on.


I hope you guys liked it! 



Pheles <3



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  • IGN:shook

IGN: Shook

Entry Type: Digital Drawing (paint tool sai/photoshop)

Entry Title: [Mood]

Description: i've met a lot of really great friends on this game. the community is really what makes it fun (and interesting). i decided to draw me and my guildies bc i'm so grateful to have met them. i worked hard on this to make it special~ uwu and i had a rly fun time doing so!! even though i'm not super active as i used to be, i still talk to these guys everyday. THANKS RTO FOR PALS i'mma bust the biggest uwu now!! ((also it's transparent)) also ILU JENI!!!!!!!!!!! SHOUTOUTS TO MY FAV TATINE



l to r: hyokan, [my sheep], tfti, ryan, elliet



also here's a bonus comic for funz (not main entry)

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v x momo



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IGN: kechup


Entry Type: Drawing (digital)


Entry Title: Trickster characters attend Phantom School?


Description: The trickster characters are wearing school uniform~ Driller boy and Shaman Girl Jia are the teachers xd It's rly just a bunch of doodles smushed together tbh and i rushed in the end and got lazy drawing the hands ;w;



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IGN: Elliet

Entry Type: Both entries are hand drawn/painted
First time joining a forum event, got a little too excited, had so much ideas in my head,
so i'll be posting extra doodles (at the bottom) below my 2 main entries. Check it out if you like my drawing.
I like to draw anime characters in a slightly matured manner. 
Entry 1:
' Unexpected love '
So this, i had a scenario where the hopeless romance Stella - a girl who is very to herself and closed up in the heart (also is pretty tsundere??),
meets a helpful full-of-love young man - Kyu (Kyu is a guy if you don't already know), get together in Tapasco spa.
A girl who is finally ready, open to be loved and give love to; and a romantic destiny that not even the cupid himself could see coming.
I pictured bunny maid giving Kyu a push while drawing this. Background was inspire by the lights from Tap spa.
(Note: i like in the game that Stella and Kyu works hand in hand for the weddings. It's quite an interesting pair i thought.)
Entry 2:
This submit... i'll let the title speak for itself.
' Paula, a dream in a fantasy ' (like if you cri everytim) 
Thank you for viewing! Good luck to all the other submits, so many talented players.
It's assigment/exam season for a lot of people and including myself, been extremely stressed and busy irl lately,
although the only way i had in order to draw was to sacrifice 2 to 4 hours of my sleeping time the pass week, i enjoyed
the process of it a lot. I especially like drawing female characters :)
Here are two extra doodles to share with RTO:
(Not main entries)
1: Don Danihen (this boi was sad and slim and emo in my mind ok)
2: A male version of a cat
Please stay respectful to all artists, do not repost somewhere else or take for other useage without permissions/credits etc.

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IGN: Quintus

Entry Type: Drawing 

Entry Title: The Daydreamer.

Description: A wild Quin appears! A Coral Beach Adventurer in his natural habitat.


I hope you guys like it! Since stickman figures are not appreciated anymore had to try something new... XD




Reference: 16ifvaw.jpg

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                                                                                        Quintus              Quint            Quintum

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I hope you guys enjoy! c: 


Thank you guys for the likes, appreciate ya.


Papa bless!


This was the quick sketch:



My actual entry:

IGN: Thanatos

Entry Title: Chronos Appears!

Entry Type: Drawing

Description: The last few minutes of a tough Harkon Defense.


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IGN: Mewsie

Entry Title: Mew's House

Entry Type: Other

Description: I know this isn't traditional art but I heard a song the other day and it inspired me to make this! It's all my characters. I had to photoshop most of them in together.





Note: There's one of each character, but some of my characters are storage foxes/placeholder names. I included them, regardless.

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IGN: [Mod]Hiroto

Entry Title: Friendship is fun... they said.

Description: My actual situation in guild.





Entry Title: Why so mean?

Description: chiusagui, I'm just correcting this pic. <3 




Credit: Owlturd. 



Disqualified. ~[Mod]Mizzo

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IGN: Ashuramaru

Entry Title: Red haired bun

Entry Type: Drawing

Description: I drew my bunny friend


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IGN: Aeverus

Entry Title: Wubba Lubba Dubb Dubb

Entry Type: Drawing

Description: Rick and Morty inspired Trickster art



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IGN : Dan215

Entry Title : Tranquility

Entry Type: Drawing

Description : A Soul Master, preparing to cast an all-powerful spell.




Thanks so much to the people who liked my post (; v ; )

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IGN: Wednesday

Entry Title: Harkon Rangers

Entry Type: Drawing

Entry Description: God I love Harkon Rangers. I've been with them since 2016 and it's probably the best decision of my life. Unfortunately I can't draw, but I can trace and I can add my own elements! What I can tell you is I did my best ♥

I used washi tape, watercolor, and them super expensive Sakura Micron pens (rip my wallet)

Can you figure out who's who?


oh dear it's much bigger than i anticipated


Entry Title: Chicken Nugs

Entry Type: Drawing

Entry Description: 1945, unaware of his current situation with his equipment, decides to aggressively order some good ol' chicken nugs


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