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hello, im currently doing the "empathy" process to hatch a guardian.

i was planning to get krusef so i tried to higher the charm stat.

currently my guardian's build is 4223 (power-magic-sense-charm), and my plan is to reach 4226.

'til yesterday, my seed reacted when i bought items from the item girl (heard this was a way to higher the charm stat) but today, it won't react to it.

there's another way to higher charm stat, which is taking HP potions, but this highers the power stat faster than the charm.

so i can't use that way, nor doing card ID because i heard that also gives magic and sense stat.

is there any other way to get charm stat without affecting other stats?(by the way, i'm a sheep) i would really like to get krusef.

i appreciate every little help. thank you.



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Hello Dear!


This is going to sound crazy but... you will need to have a 2nd character grind in ct or a friend/s and collect there there galder when it drops if you are not charm. It will be the only way since blocking also adds sense. This can take several hours, but if you want those charm points its what you do.


Hope this helps!



Edit: There are other locations you can collect galder such as the mines.

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well i was trying that crazy thing XD

but i think it'll take forever so im just giving up and going for digrimm lol

anyways thx for your advice!

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