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Some Questions regarding the game

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Greetings, so I played Trickster way back in like 2006 maybe? and then some I think around 2012. I didnt know much back then since I only got the level 100~ but I am sure more confused now then I were back then.


My first question is, how does attribute work? Is it good for every class or should you only get attribute according to which skills you have? For example lets say I am playing a Dark Lord, should my goal only be to stack dark attribute? What if I am playing a Buffalo they use mulitple elements how is the attribute good to stack then? I would be happy if some one could clear this out a bit.


Now about the items, in what level should I start spending money on my gear? Is it worth doing on level 200 equipment? or wait until 300?


I remember back when I were playing You only aimed for like AP Mostly to raise your DMG for power this seems not to be the case anymore if it ever was(?) So how do I know how much ATR to stack and how much Equipment Stats to get?


Is there any silver lining to follow when it comes to equipment? Or its just RNG?


My last question is regarding compounding, what gems is best to mix? I've heard from a friend that the most solid way to go is W/G Elixir + W/G Elixir Ev or is it more to it than just this?

I am sorry for those question but I've kinda wasted some MS for nothing and now I'd like to have more information regarding the game before doing so :)

Best Regards!

Happy Holiday and Merry X-Mas.



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+ Dark attribute is useful for dark lords, any character that you plan to use only melee would benefit with attr if you have AP as well. Sheep benefits attr depending on what type you use.

+ Buffallo you should focus on either wind for tempest strike (gale if you're pure buff) or electric for lightning strike. You can just equip whatever attr and use berserk too, but it won't be as good for the new dungeon we have, Tartaurus.

+ I'd recommend saving for 300+ gears since they'll be useful for you later on. You can buy attr masks for lvl 230 to use as well, they're really good.

+ You need high AP for attr to be effective as well, so just get decent AP gears and wear some attribute gear.

+ W/g + W/g EV is the best, w/g or w/g ev + amethyst is 2nd best (its just slightly lower max)
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