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Admin/Mod Chars

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As most of you know, I have three (3) Admin chars in game. They are:


1. [Admin]Aran

2. [Admin]Ara

3. [Admin]Arantir


When I do official admin work such as announcements on TBN in game, these are the chars I use.


I also have other supporting chars that I use to run around and check or test things as part of my admin/mod duties. These include:


1. AranPendragon (bunny)

2. AranTheodora

3. AranGrayson

4. AranAnarchy AranAzara

5. babyarantir

6. Aran

7. Arantir

8. arapandora

9. aranpandora

10. iPandora


All of my chars above are foxes except AranPendragon who is a level 400 bunny.


Please take note that other chars that have names similar to mine (have "ara", "aran", "Aran" or "Pandora" in them) but are not listed above, they are not my chars. Please do not mistake them for me when you see them or deal with them in any way. Take care of yourself while playing in game.


~ aran 

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Normal chars : Keyos, ChaosBringer.
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Normal Top Five Characters:




I wont waste the communities time listing all of my characters. :>


Note* normally if I am online (not on Mizzo) my Priest Wynn will be online at Tapasco Spa next to the banks. He is my main item bank, thus if hes online I am most likely available.

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Normal Chars:


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