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Welp, I almost forgot to post an introduction topic after all this time, so this is an extremely late intro post to the server, and you guys probably already know me VERY well by now, considering that I already posted two questions in the general discussion section already, and my second one about dukes is still extremely popular, hot, and ongoing to this very day, XD, but since I am still pretty new, I decided it would be stupid, and rude if I did not actually introduce myself, and formally join the community, and the server for good, plus, it is the perfect opportunity to learn more about me, even if not much of the post has to do with the game itself, XD.  


So here is my belated introduction to the server.  Well, I think I actually mentioned this a few times, but I actually never played trickster back then, and I just found out about this server a week, or so ago, through word of mouth, and it sounds like fun, anime MMO's in particular are something that I am attracted to, so I naturally decided to check it out, see what all the hype is about, though everyone kept complaining about it being P2W, and I instantly fell in love with this game, so I am actually just playing this game for the first time, XD. 


I have been an avid MMO junkie, and I have actually been around the MMO scene for a loooooong time, right now, my main games besides this one are:LOTRO, SWTOR, FFXIV, GW2, DFO, tree of savior, and path of exile(if those two games even counts as an MMO), I also played WoW legion for some time, but I am kinda burnt out on that game for now, and I have a long list of other smaller MMO's to play around with, and try out before getting settled into them, XD, all of them are also tons of fun to play, so I play these kinds of games, or watch over the forum threads in my spare time, if I am not watching youtube videos, anime, reading some fanfiction, or playing this game. 


I can never stay focused on any of these games for a very long time before switching to the other one, and it is difficult to choose, maybe this will be the one game I will finally stay focused on, and I will be on a temporary hiatus from the other ones for the time being, XD.  Besides researching about all the classes, and skills, this is how I got so familiar with all the classes, and their roles in the game so quickly, in case you are wondering, XD.


When it comes to games like this, I usually instantly hop over to single target, sustained DPS classes, preferably the tankier melee DPS variety over ranged, so I almost instantly pick the assassin/rogue class, or especially any DOT poison/bleed based single target DPS class I can find in any MMO that has it for that reason, so when I found out that the champion is the closest class in that category, I instantly decided that making a pure AP 4114 champ was going to be the first class I was going to create to just melt bosses, and dominate in PVP, XD. 


I also love playing more support oriented classes like tanks, healers, especially single target tank healers, more utility oriented DPS/classes, and buffers/CC if any class/spec of that nature ever exists, and feeling immortal, but since healers, and buffers/CC classes do not even exist, they are immediately off the table, so it was down to tanking, and being an impenetrable, immortal wall that can protect, and defend anybody else from danger, even if I take forever to kill stuff, I just love seeing low numbers, and never getting killed, it's just so much fun, and makes me feel awesome, so a tank type diva/duke was immediately going to be my next pick, which is what the most recent thread in the general discussion section was all about, XD.  I generally dislike more bursty, and/or more AOE oriented DPS/healer classes whenever I play games, I also hate hybrids usually, so I generally do not pick them, but other than that, the other stuff is fair game, XD. 


I am also planning on creating a pure DA fox to help with drilling, and compounding to support my characters, a pure AP prima, a pure MA dark lord, a pure MA priest, and a pure AC lion in the future, they all sound like fun classes to continue on with.  I might even create a 4114 pure AP gladiator in the future just to AOE down, and OHKO tons of mobs at once while levelling.  I guess that's about it for my introduction to the server, welcome me to the community if you want, I don't really mind, now if you excuse me, I'm going to be lurking around at various forum threads, and play something again, seeya!



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Welcome to Play Trickster Online. Please browse through the forum to get to know features of the games and the do's and don'ts. Have fun ~

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Hai Hai :3




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Hello Marke,


Welcome to rTO! If you ever need anything or want any advice the community is good at responding to a plethora of topics also make sure to check out the facebook~ Good luck with your goals and your future plans!


Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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