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Account Recovery: Email matters

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Dear players, a few of you are mad at me because I am not helping you with recovering your game account.


Here is the thing, when you make your game account, the one thing you MUST NOT FORGET is your account's email. If you forgot your email, it is very difficult for me to help you. You can get mad at me all you want, but I won't be able to help you, because this is the one piece of information that GM almost never want to give out, even to me. (Note: I have one account right now which I have forgotten the email, and I am too embarrassed to ask GM about it because I am admin and I should know better than to forget one of my own emails.)


We have helped players before by disclosing email, and the next thing we know, someone get mad at us because he lost his game account because his email supposedly got hacked.


So please understand that if you have forgotten the email to your account, if you still want to play this game, please make a new account.


Also understand that if you used an email which supposedly no longer work now, it is safer for you to make a new account, or simply make sure you never need that email. That means, never change your password or lock code, and never forget your username or password or lock code.


One thing we will not do is change your email on your account. Your email will be permanently attached to your account. This is why you must never buy another player's account because the email will always belong to the original owner and he can take back that account any time from you.


When you make an account, use a permanent email that belongs to you. Do not use email such as your employer's email or your university email, or your ISP email, which you would lose access to once you no longer have association with them.

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Though this did not directly affect me, it did affect some people whom I know.


Thank you for being very transparent and addressing this issue in a considerate and effective manner.

It's great to see you step forward and take action when needed (I mean, not saying that you don't anyways), and is very much appreciated.


So, thank you for giving some clarity to this issue.

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The rule exist for a reason.


"Please use email that will work for you forever, i.e., you will not lose access to it at any time in the future. This is important to recover your game account in the future in case you forgot your username or password.

Do not use a shared email and do not share this email with anyone else to keep your game account secure.

This email must not have been used in game account registration before".


It is hard but it was clear since the beggining. You do need to keep your email. We can not help in those cases.

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