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And so it ends

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Hoo boy, where do I begin with this? Might as well get to the point...


I made a massive mistake of revealing that I was making my own Trickster server, and it cost me my moderator title. Honestly, I should have expected that, even though I was only making it for fun--competition was never intended. Alas, rules are rules, and I doubt anyone wants another GM Sky incident. So rather than get riled up in controversy, I've decided to go on and leave the server.


Where will I be now? Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm not heading for another server nor am I continuing work on mine. I know I'll still be around Tumblr and Facebook. But in all honesty, I don't know. If anything, I had fun, and I'm ashamed that my tenure had to be cut so short.


Yall have fun for me. I'll miss yall.


TimertheBunneh, signing out.

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Omg, you can't say 'another server' and 'Gm Sky' in the same essay at this forum. It is a double penalty.


Good luck at your journey.



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Good luck whenever you will go now...


My opinion: Don't give up making your own server! You're out because of it...so...its your chance to shine.

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Awwww welp, hope you have fun with w/e you decide to do~


P.S.: Lemme know if you pull off the server thing I'd like to check it out =D