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new player has some questions

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Hi All,


I used play the game on the official server, but after they close down, I stopped playing, until I found this server.


Questions -

1. How/what is the state of the game?

2. Worth playing if I prefer to solo? (maybe with one more person)

3. If I were to play with another person what is a good dual synergy team?


Sorry if these are weird questions, it's been a long time since I last played.


Thanks in advance!



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Hello Sweetheart and welcome to rTO!


Many of us are also from the eTO official server, your not alone!


1. I believe the state of the game is pretty good we have a solid community of players that log in at a daily basis. You can check the community outlets that include: the forums, the facebook, and I believe the player base has a discord somewhere :>


2. This is more of your personal preference, I love to play with friends and hang out and do things together. I recommend finding a guild to be with!


3. Thanks to all of the creative features that this server has compared to what eTO you could thrive as any character you choose! I recommend power bunny's there my personal favorite! Hue hue~


Do try it out! Its great to play if you have some nostalgia and do want to revisit your past :D!


<3 Mizzo


I hope some other ppl answer as well <3

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Welcome to rTO! Please be sure to read our

rules and join our Facebook page.


The state of the game is in good condition, having

many new quality of life fixes that weren't included in

the official server like Auction House and custom items.


You can play solo without a hitch, thanks to the leveling

boost, players can now play without worry of having to

party up.


This is strictly opinion: But I would say a good synergy

team would be a tank and a healer, the tank would know

moves to keep the party safe, and the mage can dis out

some AoE's and heal the beefy tank without them relying

too much on each other.


Hope this helps, do enjoy the game!

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Thank you both!!