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Anew Is recruiting!

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The Social Guild
this server is dead lol disbanded after like a year rest in peace



o> Think back to the old days of eTO. Everybody talked to everybody. There was always a full chat log. People partied just because they could party and people regularly ran out of room on their friend lists.


o> This was the kind of Trickster I knew and loved. This game came to be because of its community




o> Fast Forward to today. Social players are a thing of the past. Everyone is either doing their own thing or is AFK drilling.


o> If you talk, people rarely respond, and there are hardly any parties unless they are beneficial to both people.




o> Anew's mission is to regroup what's left of the talkative social butterflies of Trickster and create a fun-filled, laid back enviroment that people can look forward to logging into everyday.




o> Ultimately, Anew hopes to create a domino effect and allow more social people to be inspired to log on, and inspire people to talk and have fun again and return to trickster what has been lost.




o> If you wish to apply, you can always apply through the guild center, or you can apply through my main who sits in mega close to the southwestern forest portal.


Apply Today



A n e w   w e l c o m e s   y o u.

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