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IGN: Bunzo


I first joined this server sometime around the Christmas/New Year season of last year. I couldn't decide what kind of character I wanted to play so I ended up creating and deleting and re-creating characters. I finally created Bunzo, a champion on January 2016. Many people teased me for choosing a class that's hard to level. They had no advice for my champion but instead suggested I create a new character instead, BUT I persevered (I was actually just lazy to work on another character again). After a lot of turmoil of questing and grinding and fiesta and party quests, finally on November 25th of the year 2016, I reached lv 400 on her!!! ^(*O*)^ Banzai!!! -sniffs- It's the first time I reached 400 on any Trickster server.





Oh, I posted Shinomiya Sunflower pet to you without reading your post first. But seeing that you are a bunny and already level 400, such a lucky thing, because Shinomiya Pet is level 300 and it is a power pet. I hope you like her. You did not request for a specific present so I thought you might like this pet.

~ aran

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IGN: Yannski 


2016 has been a whirlwind of a year. 
Last January, I dropped everything behind and moved to the States. I had only a week to say goodbye to my friends and family. While I'd rather not go into detail, know it was both heartbreaking and heart-mending. 
Fast forward and here I am, filled with hope and gratitude; I got my first job ever (it's rare to find a working student where I'm from), I worked my butt off and finished the semester with a 4.0, and I've adjusted well to my new environment. Most importantly, however, this will be the first time I get to spend Christmas with my father, stepmother, and little sister. 
Without their love and support, I would not be where I am today and I wouldn't have healed as much as I have. Haha, I'm tearing up, so let's just keep it at that. 
Here's a picture of me and my father when we went to New York for comic con: 
P.S. That is a Pikachu x Chewbacca shirt; it says a lot about me as a person, haha. 
Grats on your job and the 4.0.
And thank you for sharing your story and the pic with your father.
Merry Christmas to you and your family & have a blessed new year.
I have sent the links for your paintings. ^.^
~ aran

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Hi , I'm Kyo 

I first started this game back in early February 2016 , at the time I didn't know that Play Trickster existed i thought that all the servers were closed but i was told by a friend. My experience with Trickster is that i have played jTO  i think around 8 years ago where i leveled my character (Lion) up to lv.100 and then i stopped playing, so i pretty much am new to the game since trickster had changed so much during the years. My friend told me last year to join him on Trickster but since i am more interested in FPS / MOBA games , i refused. Few months later he asked me again to join him and during that time i was bored with my current game so i decided to give it a try.

Being a complete newbie on the game i was luckily accepted into a guild where my fellow guild members helped me and also giving me tips on the game , i remembered back at the time where i will ask question after question non-stop (Sorry guildies xD) but they were patient with me.Since now i am a little more experienced  i hope I can provide help for beginners.






I'm glad you finally give in to you friend. 

I still remember when I first played this game back in September 2009 in Fantasia.

The first NPC I clicked on was Indiana John at Blooming Cora, and he was asking for cacao.

Cacao is cocoa, and as far as I knew, cocoa grows on trees.

So then I went around all the Coral Beach fields looking at all the trees, trying to find cacao.


:lol:  :lol:  :lol: 


Noob Aran. (#andstill)


Until today, I have never finished and never attempted that daily quest ever again.  :D 


Your present is armet.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed new year.

~ aran

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IGN: Dapure


Well, I may as well share a small story about a Christmas I had a while ago. This is kind of a tear jerker so be warned.


A few years back, my brother was lifting weights and trying to get back to football but he ended up feeling incredible pain after doing a deadlift. He was yelling and screaming at how he couldn't get a good night's sleep from it. We went to the ER and found out that he has two herniated disks in his spine. The doctor gave us one option. He needed spinal surgery ASAP, but told us he had a 20% of completely recovering, 10% of recovering and a 70% chance of being permanently disabled.


70% chance. 70% CHANCE of seeing my brother that I love so much unable to walk. This surgery wasn't cheap either. We were all thinking if it was worth the surgery at the risk of permanent paralysis. We decided that we couldn't see him in pain anymore and underwent the surgery. Even if the Insurance was fighting us, I'll never forget what my mother said "I may be just human but like you I take a cut of my money to fund for insurance, I felt that I or my family would need it some day. I see my own son suffering and seeing him in pain. I want to use this insurance that I was given to our family but you refuse to support us. Can you live with that guilt? Knowing that your own son is suffering in front of you and hearing how your own insurance can't support him? All those years of paying for insurance when I need it the most, you should know better than this... "


So we went through the surgery at around September and my brother spends the next few months in the hospital recovering. He's spending days in that emergency room and I'm just scared that he wont walk. After hours of extensive care, he came out of the surgery room and told me that the surgery is done and they deemed it a success. The next couple of months though, he had to remain under physical therapy to see if he could walk or climb stairs. We spent more months in that hospital; making sure that he could get the help he could. We spent an entire year under that care.


Christmas came rolling along, and my brother spent it with us. He couldn't walk well but he was pushing himself to walk to the Christmas tree and decorate it. He would stand up to practice his leg strength. He couldn't climb stairs, but he tried to push himself and climb those stairs. I felt happy to see him walking again. I know its kinda sappy and all, but that was the first Christmas where I felt like seeing him walking was a Christmas Miracle. I saw him climbing to his walker, walking in baby steps to greet everyone with a Merry Christmas.


I got what I wanted that year. My brother back.


As for how he is right now, he's completely recovered. He can't really run too quickly but he can walk, climb and do the things he used to do. Insurance is still pestering us, but my mother's still fighting the bill so that they end up paying for it. I'm happy that he wont spend the rest of his life in an wheelchair. 





Thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy to hear that he is doing alright now. Health is something people tend to take for granted, especially when we are younger, and it seems we would live forever. Your mom is awesome for fighting for what is rightfully your family's. I wish you and your brother, your mom, and your loved ones a happy new year and God bless always.

~ aran

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IGN: Denra


This is Eve!


This photo is super old, but I just love it so much >.<


I remember that my sister didn't want another pet, because...well, they die. But I was so obsessed with having a bunny that I kept on looking everyday at the bunnies this breeder I found on the internet had available, and there she was, the most perfect cotton ball I had ever seen. I showed a photo to my sister and needless to say that she also fell in love with the bunny.


Some random things:


- Her right eye is blue and her left eye is half blue and half brown;

- She also has a few hidden black spots, like under her tail for example;

- She's a dwarf hotot.



There is so much cute in that picture....  :wub:  :wub:  :wub: 

Just imagine, if all the bunny players in game are real bunnies, they would look like this!

Good luck with opening your thorny rose box.

~ aran

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Its not exactly christmas related but, I'm quite the anti-social person and never really made any friends in real life. Every online game I would play, everyone would eventually forget me and never talk to me again. It was about one and half years ago when I finally joined rto. It was okay at first and I was still kinda lonely switching between guilds trying to find one I can fit in. One day when I was about to give up a friend in the game dragged me to join a guild called Oblivion. The guild master welcomed us and treated us really nicely. The guild was a BR guild but he didn't care about my language and still spent time with me and played with me. Even though it may seem pretty common, to a guy like me how he accepted me and never stopped trying gave me hope to be better. Because of him I was able to make more friends and wonderful memories. 


(I apologize for my weak english skills :< )


IGN: Avikash



Very nice. I have posted your message to the guild master of Oblivion. He is indeed a wonderful person. <3

~ aran

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IGN: Araiana


I'm not the type of person who listens to boy bands, and I'm not a fan of them either, but one time I was having a really bad day and I chose to turn the radio on. (Yes, the radio, not my iPod.) then I heard this song, since then this became one of my feel good song regardless of the fact that it's a boy band song. The message is really sweet. :) It's worth listening to.






I actually listened to that song.  :P

It is a beautiful song.

I like some boy band songs.

One of my favourites is I Still... by Backstreet Boys.




The lyrics touch my heart.


Who are you now?
Are you still the same
Or did you change somehow?
What do you do
At this very moment when I think of you?
There are some people that are gone from my (Trickster) life and sometimes I think about them and wonder what they are doing, you know.


By the way, watching the video, I thought this looks like they are on the ship at Oops Wharf Field 4 going to go hunting for Captain Skull.  :D 




I've sent the link for you.

Merry Christmas!

~ aran

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IGN - Tibbers


Hello everyone! I took a screenshot of my Instagram profile. Here, you can see series of photos. Those pictures were taken by me. Photography became one of the things that I probably would do for the rest of my life. I want to (someday) make photography my profession. I studied digital filmmaking in an art school but changed my major into tourism and transferred into another school (Why? Long story). Right now, I hope to create a company with my friends where we'll create videos and take photos for events like wedding. But we are still figuring some things out. That's it for now.. I guess. Do check my instagram and leave comments (negative would be alright too). If you are a photographer yourself please do give suggestions on how I can improve my skills. I am not yet a pro and I ain't getting there anytime soon.Thank you and have a merry Christmas loves!






I am not a photographer but I think these pictures are lovely.

Good luck with your career & business venture. 

I've sent the link for the ring to you.


Happy holidays.

~ aran

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Hello everyone!

Since I've told a bit about the history of my chars at the other event, I want to tell some stories with my guild friends.

Molissey invited all of us to a dicord chat of she create for the guild, I had never used the program before but decided to join.

When I came in there were several groups there, and I was interested in getting into Lina's Kitchen (LinaInverse), because we all cooked, but nobody cooks like the lovely Lina and her macarrons, That we all die of wanting to prove. =3

I dont know it was a chat group, I went in and left my icon there and I came back to play the game, when I saw several laughs from a person who does not want to speak the name red-up-arrow-26819_zpscxmgndhp.jpg, (but is on post above mine) and mrPandro, talking and laughing, this must have lasted I think one Hour, while I played I spoke with my dog ​​with a funny voice, he barked many times, and I cursed Koiosu for not dropping me anything.

When I decided to go back there and see that they were in the group listening to everything I said, for a long time and they did not even let me know that the microphone was open ... their trolls u.u...

Good lessons: learn about the program before using.
Keep an eye on your friends' conversation. Im kidding Raia and Pandro are great friends, i love <3 !

Next time I enter Raia and Rise karaoke chat and we sing together !!

I'll be back soon to talk about how my grades were in the semester, they were not so good, but I could continue.

Sorry for bad english and thx all.

Hahaha! :D Sorry, we snuck up on you. You have a lovely voice though. ~ <3
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I'll try to not make it very long, but it isn't anything near short, here we go! (IGN: Biteru, JadeCurtiss, all the same account lol)


Last year (2015) i began taking singing classes, around february, since i already knew the teacher it was easy to find a spot for me, it was me and another girl, named Luiza, and i swear, she literally changed my life.


Before i met her i didn't had many friends, the ones i had were in college and far from me, thus i was a bit lonesome, but i was used to it, i did had some friends in the music school (It is a music school here in my city, i am currently learning violin and singing) but i wouldn't go out much, just staying home all day and stuff like that. 


Time passed and it was June of 2015, we were going to sing to show everyone the work we had and what we learned. Before the show (i will call show cause i cant remember any other word that can be more precise) It was me, Luiza and a friend of her named Lucas (spoiler alert, he is my boyfriend now) and we went to eat something, and i felt like that i had made real friends in a long time


More time passed and we always were together, the three of us, but one day, on a Monday, 16th of May, i went out with Lucas only (Luiza was working) and a friend of his named João to hang out and drink something, we had fun and everything, João went to his home and me and Lucas were alone on the bus (not quite alone BUT Y KNOW) and when i left to my place he kissed me. 


The next day (Tuesday 17th of may) after our music class and stuff, we were going home (Luiza was driving cause she is our Silver Uber /joke) and she said: "Lucas, you wouldn't date him" and he said "Eh, i could give him a shot" and we are dating until this day, 7 months <3 Luiza didn't knew we had kissed on the day before, and when Lucas told her she was like "OMG YOU GUYS MUST TELL ME THOSE THINGS!!!1"


tl;dr: This girl changed my life and now i am dating her best friend




What a lovely love story!

You have not asked for anything but I'll send you Pirate King Curran level 300.




~ aran

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IGN: GodOfDeath




For many years my mother wanted a boxer. That is the only breed of dog she wanted. But she could not afford one as a purebred dog. So one day I was working at a friends ranch and he was surprised to see his boxer was pregnant. I asked him if they were purebred and he replied yes and he was asking $1200 per puppy a bit too much for me. Well I worked out a deal with him to work for the dog. I ended up helping he train his horses and groom them for 2 months until the puppies were due. In the end I got the perfect Christmas gift for my mother and she had no clue. I used a spare key on Christmas morning to let myself in while she slept. I placed the puppy under the tree with a tag "From Santa" and hid in her spare bedroom until she woke up an hour later. When she woke up and came out she screamed and was so happy to see the little puppy under her tree. I came out and hugged her and asked if she liked her. My mother said she was in love with the little girl. She named her Sadie. and to this day the dog follows her everywhere. My mother calls her the perfect child. 



That puppy is a cutie.

And that's a very sweet thing you did for your mother.

Merry Christmas.

A Tinsel Wings for you.

~ aran

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Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim

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IGN: JennieK



I originally was going to post a longer story, but anyways... Generally, I don't have anything like Christmas wishes or anything like that. However, within the last month or so, I've changed my mind about that. I heard that parts of my family (most are on the East Coast, but I and several others are in random other states) might be planning a reunion kind of thing, and I'm sincerely hoping it happens. Might be a mix of my own feelings and well, the time of year it is, but yeah.


Happy Holidays to all of you! <3



May you have a wonderful reunion with your family.  :) 

Happy holidays & a blessed new year.

Have fun with Intern Chaos Head Accessory.

~ aran

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IGN: Jemin


I started my first year of college this year in September. Although I opted to dorm on campus, I still expected to visit home every once in a while on the weekends. After the first week or so, I started a part time job that required me to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since work occupied my free time, I was unable to visit home for almost three months. Earlier this week, I finally finished my first semester and was finally able to come home.  



It's tough to work while studying.

I hope you can manage your time well.

Glad that you are finally able to go home.

Happy holidays to you and your family.

I've sent the link for your engagement.

~ aran

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Alrighty so I got interviewed today by the Wildcats! guild. I will share the interview with you guys. ❤️

Mirabo Watty, a popularized yet celebritized television host.Mirabo Watty's glorious arrival to Caballa Island.


Megalopolis Square, December 21, 2016.

I am Mirabo Watty. Born and raised in Ukraine, aged 27.
This story takes place in Uzhhorod, my hometown. I used to live in one of the poorest parts of Uzhhorod, where violence, drugs, alcohol, violations and thievery would normally take place. Mommy always seeked for the best for my sister Miranda and I, but scarcity would truncate that very dream mom had for us: to become someone important in this life.
During high school, everybody bullied us for being tall and having a caucasian-like appearance; as well as how mom used to make money to raise us.
One day, about 8 or 9 years ago from now, a powerful, influential family came over to visit Uzhhorod for vacation. To be exact, they were the owners of one of the most important american TV stations. As far as I remember, they stayed in town for two weeks.

That was right when I said to myself: "I have to meet them. I have to become one of them, I can't miss this chance. I won't give my children the same life I had. I don't want to work doing what mom does." Then it all started.

The Cavinesses -how people used to refer to them- would host a party on Saturday, at 9 PM in the Olymp hotel. The tickets for this party were distributed mainly to members of Uzhhorod's high society, though there were some ticket resellers on eBay, selling each one for the modest price of $3200 dollars. I had to be there, no matter what.

-Mom, I'll need some money due Saturday.
-Huh? Why?
-I have to... uh... it's for a school project.
-Sure, how much?
-$3200 american dollars.
-MIRABO!!! That's what I make in like 25 nights of work.

I told her how important this school project was and she agreed to give me the monies.

~~~~3 DAYS LATER~~~~~ 14897.png

With my ticket in hand, I went to the Olymp hotel. I used mom's most classy dress, and had Miranda to do my makeup. She knew everything about this big lie.

-Who are you? -asked me the hotel receptionist.
-It is I, Mirabo Watty. From the Watties of Palo Alto.
-The Watties of Palo Alto?! Like, Walter Watty?
-You got it right.

This conceited attitude of mine's always been essential into achieving my dreams. It's always worked for me. Now don't go asking me who are the Watties from Palo Alto. I don't know them.

Inside the hall, with some good blues and jazz hitting the stereo, I started to analyze the people in there. I noticed some celebrities from the capital; Nick Adams, Nina Arianda and the Farmiga sisters. But I wasn't exactly looking for them, you know. I was looking for him. Kacey. The youngest man of the Caviness clan.

I remember asking the bartender for a Tom Collins when he made his approach.

-I want a Tom Collins too. - he said with his deep, yet sweet, masculine voice.

I couldn't let it go, so I initiated with a sharp hello.

-Uhh... Hi, who might this be?
-Name's Mirabo. Funny how we're drinking the same, huh?
-Quite funny. My name is Jessico Caviness, but you can call me Kacey.
-Well then, nice to meet you Kacey!
-Nice to meet you too, Mirabo.

After that we went for a dance. I shall never forget the dulcet tones of Mariah Carey slaying the dance hall while we were kissing each other.


-Oh Mirabo, you make me feel like I'm in heaven. -is what he said.
-Omg me too Kacey.
-Tell me Mirabo, will you come with me?
-Omg what do you mean Kacey
-Mirabo... will you marry me?
-But... Mom... Miranda..
-Huh? Oh your family! Mk they can come with us

Then we moved to America.
Kacey and I got married and had 2 children, Jessica and Mildred.
Mom got a new job as trendsetter for Vogue and Miranda decided to travel the world.
But now.. you might be wondering... what is the deal with Caballa Island?

It was 3 years ago when the Caviness family came up with plans for a brand new reality show; a select group of people from all around the world that would inhabit an island near Florida. The main consignment of the show was planned to be kind of like a human colonization over the island, which turned to be the complete opposite: humans pretending to be animals, and therefore, trying to survive from the island's mysteries using their animal instinct.
I was asked to be the head coordinator for this project, as well as the guild leader for the 7 Princesses Club, and that's why you can sometimes catch me lurking around Megalopolis or Paradise.
Oh me oh my, how I miss Ukraine. ❤️

Merry christmas and happy new year, my beloved Playtricksterians! ❤️

Ign: NormaBeatty
About the prize: I really really wish a Heart Face Painting mask ^^ pleaseee~ ❤️

Thank you for your post.
~ aran
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Pé de Senzala

Pé de Senzala


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Hi, my name is Danilo, and i will tell the history about my two dogs.

I erned my first dog (nick) when i was 7, and it was the best thing i've ever earn in my life, today he is a little bit old, with 13 years, and he has a leg injury that can make him stop walk, but fortunately he still walk, with some difficulty of course.



The other dog is Nina, one day she appeared in front of my house hungry and thisty, my mother, my grandmother, and a neighboor started to give her some food and water, and she started to stay there, to sleep in front of my house, onde day i arived in my home, and she was there, at the first i have a fright. But my mom said that she will be part of family now. And she is with me since them.





That is wonderful. 

Have a happy holiday and a blessed new year.

Have fun comping your pet. Santa Dorothy, I mean, not your pet dogs.  :P 

~ aran

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My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but we do celebrate Chinese New Year. I will share a little bit of what we do in such holiday. On the night of Chinese New Year, we have a huge family reunion of over 30 people. We will bust out our best cooking like hot pot, roast pork, steamed fish and more. It is a night for family to gather around and talk about the year. At the end of the feat, the young ones will gather around and ask the most senior member, my grandmother in this case, for red envelopes to wish for safe year. After that, it turns into a drinking night for adults and gaming night for kids. We kids like to play cards or a little majong to stay up as late as possible according the the Chinese New year tradition. The next day is then for visiting families friends and wishing them a happy new year. There will be lots and lots of fireworks throughout the day. Kids can ask adults for more red envelopes. By the end of the Chinese New Year, kids will be rolling in moolah and adults will lament the tolls on their wallets. I'm gonna turn into an adult in a few years, so I better get my wallet ready.


PS: This feels like I'm asking Aran for a early Chinese New year red envelope. Thanks in advance.



Gong Xi Fa Cai.

(An early wish for you).

Have a blessed & prosperous new year.

Your present is Juicy Gelatina.

Enjoy the game with her!

~ aran

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Hi Everyone! :)
So here's my Christmas story:
This actually happened last year's christmas (I hope that's ok).. I was playing TO, probably defending the harkon (WOOOO), when i stretched my neck to the left and saw my cat.. yes my CAT. She was staring at something. Weird thing is, she didn't move for 10~20 mins... so i took a pic of her. It was very cute and funny actually :3 So here's the pic:
So every time when i feel stressed (SCHOOL!!!), sad (no gf T-T), and depressed (very rare...), i look at this picture and I'm not sure why but it manages to make me smile again :) so untill now she captivates my heart :3
this is a present picture of her:
BTW her name is Chocolate but we call her "Taba-chichi" for short (taba - fat/ chichi is uhh...?)
Behind the Scenes:
this was actually my 12th shot to take her picture...
she kept looking down so i had to hold her chin up xD
and the other pictures was just black...


According to my culture, cats see angels while dogs see the devil/evil spirits. So when a cat just looks at nothing, it is seeing an angel. It is supposed to be a good thing since angels like good places and good people. When a dog barks at night seemingly for nothing, that means it is seeing an evil spirit and probably trying to protect its family from it, or trying to shoo it away. Your cat is cute. ^.^
~ aran

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What I am thankful for every year


When I was little I always felt so sorry for myself because my dad wasn't around and my mom was out of the country working. My dad left my mom before I was even born yet.

I've always had this hatred for him for leaving like that.

I have only met him twice. He used to send me gifts on my birthday but that was it.

They didn't make me feel love for him whatsoever and the gifts didn't make me feel loved.


My mom had to go through so much raising me and my two sisters and I always felt this hatred eating away at me. Hatred for him being a coward. Hatred for why it had to be this unfair.


I would hold back tears every time the school had a family day and I would have to explain to my classmates why only my grandparents came. My teachers knew of course. This was a small town and everybody knew each other. 

But I would feel so sad and empty every time I had to mention or explain why only my grandparents came to the parents meeting or the family day at school.

I was envious of the other children. The 6 year old me thought of it as them having it all.


But flash forward to the me now. I don't feel hatred for him anymore. Because I didn't know him, ever.

I don't feel empty or sad anymore over the fact that I never had a real dad.

Because my mom did it all. I have more understanding of the situation now and why it had to be like that.

Sometimes I do wish I had a dad and mom growing up but then life wouldn't be the way it is now.

So what I am thankful for every year not just on Christmas is my mom being who she is.

A strong, loving and caring person who carried us through it all.

She weathered the storm and I am forever thankful.


So to everybody out there.

Appreciate what you have and cherish your families every year <3

Merry Christmas!


Weather whatever storm you are having in your life at the moment and never forget it does get better.


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~ aran

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Theres only one thing that a bunny wants for Christmas and thats a Koiosu Ring ( I got mine below 100 tries :P ), but unfortunately my good friendHe's a Lion haha 903 tries ) cant get it. I tried giving him my luck, favorite foods, even letting him touch my Koiosu Ring LOL but still no luck!. So all i want for Christmas is my friend to have a Koiusu Ring ^^


Merry Christmas to all!! 





Thank you for your post ~ aran

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This year doesn't feel very Christmassy... it must be all the sad things that are happening recently. BUT


Of course there are good things that happen too!

I'm currently drawing a secret santa for someone- hopefully I can finish it before then. Good thing about being in my time zone- even if I post it on the 26th, it will be the 25th still in most areas.



It's funny, in the past, I got this person for Secret Santa as well... Here's the picture I made for them last year.


I wonder if this year they got me again? She drew this for me last year.


What a coincidence it would be if she really did get me for secret santa this year! I'd be really happy-




I hope you get your Christmas wish. ^.^

~ aran

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