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A little Game: "My Favourite Char"

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Please kindly take note of the following condition. I thought that was a good question, and I can accept it as a condition for this game. ^.^



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Hello Trickster!!


These are my favourite characters.

PS:They also are mine.




This is Aurica.
Aurica is a little bit different, i mean... a nut, that's it.
Aurica want to dominate the Thunder and Water arts.
Aurica knows that she still young and weak, but everyday she learns something new and believe that as time passes her goal will be reached.






This is Shurelia.
Her dream is be rich as Don Cavalier.
Now she got a part-time job as Quest Item Collector for a nut that likes to play with electric and wet stuff(nut+lightnings=dangerous right?).
She is a step closer getting filthy rich.






This is LeoriA.
LeoriA is a newborn lion who already have decided your goals.
LeoriA wants to become a become a doctor and a farm(boss farm) products merchant.
That's all!
Have a nice day everyone!

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IGN: YenSai


This was the character I played most often on eTO, the one I made the most friends on. I love foxes and everything about them. I used to go back and forth between which char I wanted to play; fox or cat, until eventually I committed to lvling up my fox and I'm so glad I did. I spent/still do spend almost all of my time on Trickster in PvP, and fox brings me the most joy there. Using the same outfit as eTO is nostalgic for me, and it brings back memories of the best MMO I've ever played, the MMO that feels like home to me.




IGN: BeautyDisaster


This is the secondary character for me on eTO, my Primadonna. Recreating her outfit on rTO was nostalgic for me too, as it brought back the memories of when I finally got all of the 4Gs on eTO and how happy I was. I've always liked Primas more than Divas for reasons I can't explain. Lvling her was such a pain though. 


I, for the most part, recreated my eTO characters on here and I do the same things on here that I did on eTO. I'm grateful rTO exists and that it's provided the community with a game that we all loved and can continue to play despite the official server's closure.

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He's Singh.
He love hunt any monster :3
She's Shizuka
She is an Singh's apprentice
IGN: Ninian
And she's Ninian
She's still an newbie :3


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So Here It Goes~


My Favorite Characters~


1. Indestructable




Yes.. I know.. I have my name spelled wrong... -.-" So he's my first character on this server. He never used any auto drilling materials/equipments. So he is still grinding at Chaos Tower 62 for TM exp T_T even though he's level 400. He loves to help players do quests :) He also loves to boss hunt (Mostly Koisu). I can say that he is also very very very very very..... unlucky when it comes to boss drops. Finally, he loves to Defend the Harkon :) GOGO HARKON RANGERS!!! :3


2. Gloc9




Named after a famous rapper in my country, Philippines. He is my only raccoon. He is also pure HP :) So far so good with his equips.. (I think o.o). Always grinding @CT and always fighting to become the best! :)


3. Roawr




My 1st buffalo... "Indestructable's Voice". He loves to plvl players for free when he is in the mood and super bored ;)



*Special Thanks to Mizzo for teaching me how to post a picture in the board :) TYTYTYTYTY!!! You're the best! *O*

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revered for the creation of regret :D
I don’t think you want to get rich you don’t really want it
you ain’t really trying to get rich you don’t really want it
I don’t think you wan wan wan get rich
I don’t think you wan wan wan get rich



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I only have 2 characters that I've been leveling since returning to rTO, so they're basically my favorites.
Miao is my highest level character, and my main squeeze :wub:  I love cat characters the most, as I started out with a cat on eTO that I got to third job. When I started playing on rTO, it was a no brainer what my first character was gonna be. She gets her name from the second character of my Chinese name, Zhuang Miao Zhen. Lately I've been too busy to give her love, but I've been getting back into leveling her.







Also a favorite is my sheep, Momofuku. She gets her name from the restaurant founded by chef David Chang, that I always pass by when I'm in New York. Something about that name reminds me of mochi, which I thought was perfect for my sheep since I just imagine her to be very fluffy and soft  :D

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hype hype hype hype


Going in chronological order of character creation!




This is Elliott! She's my first ever successful sheep. Her original plans

were supposed to be a Soul Master, but I decided to do elec/fire witch

instead of the intended water/elec soul master. She's my first lv 400 <3




This is Finn (formerly known as Parsnip and then Vance

and now ... Well ... Finn). She's myfirst ever duelist after I

began to get tired of not being able to be 'useful' in

Harkon Defense OTL ... She's also my second lv 400

and my favorite character to dress up. 




Lastly this is 1945, my Cyber Hunter. Yes yes, kinda a bad

idea to get a Cyber Hunter, but I mean I have a scientist too...

I use him for quests and thanks to him I was able to

complete the story quest! I'm also more ... Experienced in

lions more than foxes ... so ... Ya ...

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Elliott | 1945 | Finn | Wednesday | Jollibee 



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IGN : Exodus96


This is my highest level character in Rto trickster. I revived him as my main char after few years of playing eto. I prefer my buffalo rather than lion as he can deal higher damage. Whenever i feel bored, i will switch between these two chars. I am more active in this char and will get higher level soon :)



IGN: GuNnEr96

My first ever created lion in Rto trickster. Been leveled him for 1 month. However, feel bored of him due to his low damage. Mainly used him for drilling, mature compounding and selling items purpose.



Note: I have re-posted these on behalf of this poster.

Everyone, please learn how to post screenshots/images onto this forum.

I don't want to see just links posted for images. I want to see the actual images posted directly here.

~ aran 2016-11-09

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Just one character here:


A Lion appeared. Vermin was his name.
However, an identity he had yet to claim.
He searched Caballa Island, high & low...
Old Bokkens and Sharp Knives? He thought: "Heck, no".
His journey lead him to a Cave of dark,
When suddenly, he saw it! A beautiful spark!
A white figure appeared, cloaked in feathers,
to reward our Lion's hard-fought endeavours.
He asked very kindly: "Could I have your wares?"
The White Mole nodded in approval, despite it being theirs.
The Lion was grateful, that much was true,
And now, wearing nice gear, he bids you adieu.


Thank you all for reading~ Please let me know whether or not the Screenshots show up in this post.

Edit: IGN - Vermin

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IGN: SevenHead


A scientist lion (actually doing cyber hunting jobs), he loves to hunt monsters and hack system using his technical skill and his digital pet "Kid".



ING: Lookchard


A baby lion who wants to be a salesperson, he sells everything.



ING: OneSixSeven


A newbee bunny, will be my one of strongest character soon.

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IGN : Princezimel
Doing Nothing !
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IGN : RaCcOon96

A new raccoon char i just created. He is still new and will go far and high in the future. I m goona go pure HV with AP compounded equips with him. He will be one of my strongest char soon

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Ign: flavour
My char is a buffalo and a dx pure. He doesn't hit high but he hits fast, fun but a bit tricky to play with :) In the future I will get chi sword skill, combined with berserker it's going to be awesome :D i35i4j.jpg

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This little event is now ended & locked.


Those who have participated but have not posted an item for me to buy to reward you, please do so.


Thank you, everyone. ^.^