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A little Game: "My Favourite Char"

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1) IGN:Quintus




My main char since rTO was created :)

The goal is to be one of the strongest champions of the server and to be 400. 19 levels to go! 

I made Quin because I wanted to try something new (only had magic types and a fox back in eTO). So its a "New server new me" kind of thing and so far its been fun. Wish we champs had another AOE tho  :)))


2) IGN: DeJoker



My Lv.180 Gambler! Big fan of the Joker (real joker) so I'm levelling this bad boy and soon I'll gear him up. Couple of fuses and some fashion and he'd set!! 

Why so serious?


3) IGN: Pontius



He's my lil lion! He may be small now but the felines grow up fast  B)

Never had any lion experience and wielding a gun seemed like something fun to do.


Thanks and see you in-game!! :lol:

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                                                                                        Quintus              Quint            Quintum

                                                                                                               Lv 400                   Lv 400                Lv 200



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Ign: Dapure



As you look above the sky

The stars bask in the darkness

Let our shine guide you


Long ago, tales existed of a vile man who controlled the agents of darkness in Caballa Island. With his newfound ally, he sought to cover the island in a void of shadows; enveloping everything in eternal darkness. His grip tightened over generations, spreading his tyranny across the little island.


Many of the innocent lives of the island began to change shape. Animals and people began to turn on one another. There seemed to be no hope left on the island but then in the sea of darkness, a miracle gave birth. A cluster of stars began to illuminate the night sky; shining a ray of light into the doomed island.


People looked up at these stars and wished for the same light to save their island from the evils of darkness. Born from the shining of clustering stars and wishes of millions across Caballa Island, a child of light was brought from the skies above to fight the darkness. Armed with the hopes and spirits of the island's inhabitants, it approached the darkness and vanquished it. 


Using the last ounce of the child's power, they sealed the evil in another realm. This world of shadows and darkness would be unable to reside on the island. With one faint breath, the child vanished; never to be heard of again. 


Although defeated and banished into a world of shadows, the vile man spend his life trying to enter the realm of light. With his legion of shadows still loyal to his cause, he continues to battle the light; slowly entering our world. His senseless desire to vanquish all that is light corrupted the vile man. He was more darkness than man; all sense of humanity lost as he vowed revenge on the one who condemned him to this realm of shadows.  


Despite it being an old story now, legend has it that the weapons of light are still in this island. Their shine and sparkle continue to shine through the darkness that has taken hold so many centuries ago. As for the child of light, people believe that the child never truly existed but some still believe in the Legend of Light: 


"The child left the island after that faithful day to return to the stars above. They may have left our home, but the light will always be with us. Let it flow inside your body and give you strength to overcome any obstacle."



As for those naysayers who condemn the story, let them believe what they want to believe. I will continue to shine to those who need it and will protect the world as its child of light. 

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IGN: Lizumi


Lizumi was my first character in eTO. It was here where my sheep obsession began (even though I only had two). I really loved both of my sheeps back in eTO, so I recreated them when I started in rTO. The elements I choose for Lizumi was wind/water/dark, which is a rather uncommon combo. I remember that one of my friends that I played together with. back in the days, strongly suggested that I should pick wind. I never regretted that and is still my most favorite element (Wind Blade is insane)! I could have picked earth instead of water, but I remember that I really hated how the earth skills looked like. So I went with the weak combo wind/water. Why dark? Because I wanted to prove that light was overrated, and dark was the only right path to go.




IGN: Shumie


Shumie was my second character. The sole reason why I created her was because I envied everyone with Staff of Thunder. The skill animation was is so sick! I didn't have much time to play eTO back then, and my laptop back then was trash, so she never got the chance to be a Soul Master. The other element I chose for Shumie was fire. I already had water on my other sheepie ~



A screenshot from back then. Yes, my photoshop skills was INSANE back in the days (sarcasm).

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Nice to meet you!




IGN: Ghaspar

Class: Thief Master


My first char back in mid 2014. My plan was to do a DA fox, i achieved that but was bored and changed to melee, was funnier. After level 280 around i created an alt, without any pretentions on it, i couldn't imagine that alt would be my first lvl 400 ever. (at that time i created a lot alts chars...). Ghaspar is so versatile, i can manage pretty much everything in game but, with the true kronos hype, i am most of the time afk drilling at tartaru cages :) - Ghaspar was my 2nd lvl 400.




IGN: Balthazar

Class: Wizard


That's my alt :) this wizard was a mix of elements... At first i started with wind/earth, later elect/fired and then elect/water, everything was great and fun, but, hmm, my work here is done (reached 400 and did a lot of koiosu hunts and true kronos).




IGN: Messias

Class: Mercenary


Ok, this char is the one that i am really playing nowadays and i am REALLY enjoying it. I was playing most of his life with elect attribute, a few months ago i changed for a pure wind attr build and it was so great and powerfull at the same time that i don't regret it. Now i am foccusing in true kronos, koiosu and reach lvl 400 (15 levels to go :D).

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IGN: KittySoftpaw



This is the sheep im actually playing, Earth wind, and really love their AOE attacks :3


IGN: Tigritou


This one was supposed to be my main char, but found light draggy kinda... mono? Dunno how to say it, but I still do love their magic attack effects :3!


IGN: IgnusBlair


This was my first 3rd job in this server, but just right after hitting SM, I quit playing some time cause job and stuff...


I would really really LOVE that the magic chars were cats instead of sheeps D:...


Also, Im intrested on making a Raccoon for pumping enemies away >:3, or a Fox! but Im not really sure I could have the patience... or the items... actually I share my equip between my chars u.u...

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Hello everyone!


These are my 3 favorite chars:


1) [IGN] Sederiana




She was my first char of all time back in eTo, (when i was 15 years old) i played in Ruby as well. I created her because my friends told me about this game and i absolutely love it, i used to play everyday but most of the time i just love to spent time with them and talk with them, so i didn't level up very much, she was lvl  255, and she was a Champion. When i heard game was closing i felt very sad, cause i was definetely going to miss playing with her. Because i loved her so much i decided to create her again in this new server but this time i made her Duelist and i got her to lvl 400. I love spending time playing with my friends, and helping them out to gather IQ. I also enjoy hunting bosses and collecting cute fuses, i keep the same name, even tho i can't remember where i saw it before or why did i choose it back in eTo, but i still like it very much :lol:  



2) [IGN] xLunasa




xLunasa was back in eTo as well, she was sederiana's older sister and she always helped her drilling up items she didn't want to dig  :lol:. She was level 257 and she was always drilling and helping get money to the family by selling mine's stones and bloody runes. Because i loved her as well so much, of course i created her and keep the same name as well, and made her Thief Master again, but this time i also got her to lvl 400. She still is the one who helps getting money by drilling things all the time  :P, but also helping friends to get the drilled IQ they need. I choosed Lunasa because of a Celtic music group called Lúnasa, that i really really like. 



3) [IGN] Arizu




Arizu is my elec/fire witch. She is lvl 220, and she is lucky to have 2 sisters that help her with drop and drilled IQ, which made her able to get to lvl 220 in 2 days. Back in eTo i had a witch as well but different attributes so i decided to try new ones this time and i'm obssesed with her. I'm planning on continue leveling her up very soon, but so far i really really like her. I choose her a new name this time, just because she was all different and new. 


Back in eTo i had them all in the same account, but this time i decided to made them in different ones. I only have girls, and i really like them very much :wub:




Old account in eTo: 



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Caesar - Caesar was my first son ^__^ I didn't have enough MS back in my eTO days to make a significantly l33t haxx buffalo so that was the first class I wanted to try out on rTO. He's only level 384 right now - just want to get him to level 400 and call it a day though.


Gianni - 3rd job raccoons are my favorite in appearance and my main on eTO used to be a raccoon so I had to replay one on here. Level 307 and I don't think I'll ever get him to 400, but I want to use his look for my future wizard. He's named after fashion designer Gianni Versace.


Pieta - Pieta was my first magic character. I've always loved priests for their  flashy skills  but now he's being quickly forgotten for his wizard brother lol. At least he will still look flashy on the character select screen.



These are lovely. Please sell me something useless for 3000 MS so that I can send you the reward. ^.^

~ aran 2016-11-06

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                                                                                                   Legend of 2 sister

{IGN} CookiechipS


Newbie Fox 1st Sister to love travel and Eat some Cookie She love to Drill and find some gem and weapon Mostly She love to Hunt Tombeth

And She love To stalking everyone in the Guild!.





{IGN} Queenmagic 2nd Sister


Back To TH Sever I Was love to play Sheep She's really cool i love to see when she Hunt Boss And Very Very VERY Cute!

But now 1st sister Fox finding something for her to be cute Sister help each other Its good The tale of 2 sister is in this history.



Please re-post your screenshots. Click the Image icon e0adb8a594.png and paste your screenshot URL into it. The screenshot will appear as picture here.

~ aran 2016-11-06

Thank you Aran so its only allow jpg pic and that's is not URL extension right?

P.s to Aran can you teach me about using puush and some info please on pm

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Here I go.


1. IGN: AnitaKami




She is Soul Master. She likes the colors Red and Black. She was a gift from my lovely Mom. Sometimes I feel my Mom near when I play with her Soul Master.


2. IGN: VanessaBao




She is a Cat, She is training her TM lvl because She want to defeat The Pharaom. I love her because I called her as my girlfriend (haha).


3. IGN: CarlosVicux




He is a Buffalo. He is very Strong and a good partner, All time He help to train to their little brother. I like this char because he is called like me.

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Also known as emo, she has been in Trickster for quite a while since eTO. Trust me, the bunny isn't as emo as she seems.



IGN: MiniPocket


This is my 2nd favorite character. She aspires to be able to drill for questies for other people; the reason she was created.



IGN: StarlightTears


I fell in love with this name (I have no idea why) and thought it suited a sheep so I created her but ever since MiniPocket was created, she has been neglected :')

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1. IGN: Riruri


Riruri is actually a character from the original trickster whom I recreated on playtrickster. My original was actually many, many levels higher but she's my cat who's still a working process.  :)


2. IGN: Remimari



The name "Remimari stems from the name I like which is Mari and the name my sister likes Remi. So we combined them and that is how Remimari was created. Oh, and my other sister wanted her to be a sheep so Remimari is a collaboration character of my sisters and me.


3. IGN: Rikura



Last but not least is Rikura. Since I had made Remimari and Riruri, I figured the third had to also start with an "R". Rikura is actually my highest leveled character and my favorite. She's such a great character and almost like a friend to me. :P

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All posts are lovely.


I love reading all of them.


I like all of them but I put a Like only after I have posted the reward.


For those who need to fix their posts, please do so.


And for those who have not sent me the link for the reward, please do so.  :)  :wub:  B) 

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IGN: Miviko


Once upon time, there was a girl named Miviko. She was not like the other people. She dreamed everyday for prince on white horse to come and get her (oh gosh.) She wanted to talk to other people, but she was too shy and had a hard time trusting them. This is because she got bullied by other kids when she was young, even her parents thought she was cursed when she showed some interest in magic - they got so afraid of her.


Sadly they too started to call her monster. This made Miviko cry so much and start to blame herself for the reason why everyone hated her. Eventually, her parents left her and she lived alone for 10 years. She is now 18 years old and wears big glasses and black and blue clothes.


She started to travel away from home, she couldn't stand anymore to be in that village that everyone keep calling her monster and throw rocks at her. So she left the village and travel out to the world to find out who she is and if she was event meant to be born in this world.


Miviko walked for days without to finding food or a village to stay at; soon she collapsed. Suddenly a shadow lurking somewhere near by came up behind her and said: “Well well, what do we have here? I can finally get some human soul this time.“


Just as the shadow start to get closer to jump on her figure, a voice called out saying: “Don't  touch that human Grimm Impy!“


“What? I need food to live too!“ Grimm Impy replied.


“You can live on other stuff instead of stealing other people soul.“


"Tsk you always so protective Azhi, especially to humans and the forest. Idk why an angel wanna help them so much."


"Because they are living things too."


"Tsk! fine I will leave this time." Grimm Impy left Azhi alone with the collapsed girl and left feeling annoyed.


Azhi started to turn around to heal the girl and asked her: "Are you alright?"


She blinked few time then asked. "I'm I dead? I see an angel."


"No you not dead at all. I saw you collapsed and wanted to help. Oh by the way I have not told my name yet. My name is Azhi. I protect human and the forest."


When he looked up and was so proud at himself so he saw her with shiny eyes.


"That is so cool!!! I wish I could be so good like you."


He started to think. "I know a place where you can get stronger. By the way do you really need to have that big glasses?"




While her glasses was shining when she take her hand on them. "I will come with you to help. I can see you have good heart and had sad past."


"WHAT!? How do you know?" o:


"Because I can see it in your heart. So come, I will show you the way."


They walked days and Miviko started to complain how tired she was and dry throat. She had her arm around Azhi head so he get to drag her.


"OH COME ON!! Can't you walk by yourself? You make me can't walk when you so big."


" Woa so mean!! Waaaaa!!!"


sob sob


Azhi started to get panic and he didn't know what to do."Okay, fine, then if you not complain."


"Yay!! Thanksu!


"We have arrived."


She started to look and only saw water.


"Ummmm?.... How will this help?"


"Oh, of course it is not really here; we will take that boat," he pointed to old scary boat and Miviko get so scared.




"Of course!"


"W.w.what if it is ghost in there?"


"Oh, don't worry it wont come any."


He fly up and push Miviko to the ship while she scream like crazy and is in tear.




"Okey we are inside."


What an evil angel Azhi is. Miviko went to corner and start to mumble something. They didn't know someone was following them and was laughing in the shadow.


"Sooooo.... How long will it take for us to get there?"


"Hmmmm... 3 days."


"WHAAAAT!?? So you mean I need to be in this scary ghost ship for 3 days?"


Oh what nightmare!! She fall down the floor like paper and start to cry more.


"Why so mean bwaaaa!!!"


Then they heard laughter.


"Really you are only to funny."


He showed himself and Miviko get panic.


" Waaaaaa a g.g.ghost!!!"


"No it is only Impy is trying to scare you."


"You can ignore him. He is not much to see."


"Waaaa!" Impy started to cry.


"So mean!"


"Because are you not here to steal her soul?"


Miviko looked at them in silence.


" Nope I changed my mind. I want to come with you two."


"What?. Ghost is coming with us!?"


"How rude! I'm not ghost! I'm Grimm Impy, the beautiful talent legendary black magic user in the world!"




Miviko and Azhi turned around to not laugh out loud while Impy looked to pride at himself.


"What? Oh, you two are seeing my beauty uuh?"


He start doing weird pose so the other two start to laugh more. Then looked at each other and then say to Impy, "Nooo..."


"Waaaa... so mean you two are!!! Oh I know what we can do."


"He recover fast, doesn't he, Azhi?"


"Yes he does...."


"Let us play card!!!"


They played card for good long time then went to sleep. The three of them started to get closer for the past 3 days. They arrived to the Island.


"Welcome to Caballa Island!" both Impy and Azhi said at same time. "Here you will get stronger, meet other people and can win the treasure on this Island."


"Oh wow, really? Then let us go!!!."


They get on big adventure to help her get stronger. When they get to Megalopolis they started to see many people and Impy went crazy. He saw many sexy women.He started to run to them to flirt with them. They all kick, smack and used skill on him, so he fly back to Azhi and Miviko while they looked down.


"So he is like that?"


"Playboy uuh? Let us leave him and pretend we don't know him."


"Yeah sure Mivi."


They walked away and leave Impy while he was beat up by all the sexy women.






Here you have Impy is popular at the end of the story

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IGN: Hyokuanime


It has the same nick the dark lord I used in the ETO when i was with 12 years old... 8 years ago, this was started.

I already do many friends with him, friends for life, and have good funny memories.


Most part of the time, people confuse me and treat me like a boy because hi is a male char, but I dont care, and think it's really funny, because DL have style (And my char is cute as any female char anyway.), and magic types are very versatile.
DL are pretty badass, and by far my favorite class.
IGN: AkameBr
It was created to help my DL drop items easier because of the AoE.
I just adhering to a outlaw guild that helped me a lot in begging, mainly because use the same language, i had fun as with my family in this guild, and now I become leader of her o.o... I am very happy with all who participate and help the guild to grow.
IGN: Sangrenta
Ok, thats my bunny, shes not complete, i dont choose the name, was a friend, because this looks like a name of a UFC girl fighter.
She helps me when i want party for PQ or another thing.
If the bunny is one of your favourite chars, you can post here as well. Then you can sell me something for 3000 MS.
~ aran 2016-11-06

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Lovely story, Miviko. I laughed out loud reading that  :D 


You can post about 2 more chars.

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How I maked my cat was. I was so in love with cat char + I wanted to beat my old cat 10 years ago on trickster. I really did it.

Now I'm trying to get her to lvl 300 so I can use my cutie pie Divine Entertainer Jen lvl 300 pet. Long way to get there





IGN: Tsuhiro


This is story how my 2nd account and dragon come to life. It was Impy told he used priest to help his other char. So it is his fault I maked 2nd acc blame him. so now he have hard way to dig dig everyday to get high tm so he can help my cat and other char as priest. By the way Impy can I steal your priest? and you can get my dragon then instead. That is good deal~


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Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim

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IGN: RebirthOfChaos


I started this character to replace the dark dragon I had on eTO, got lazy once I hit lvl 190 so now he's mostly just hanging around Tap mine & saving up for wings (only have the black sonja wings atm lol) and some MS boxes.






IGN: JennieK


This character was also to replace an old one I had, not much of a story for her (yet) other than I named her after a Korean entertainer. I made a guild on her just for fun & she'll be a witch just like my eTO sheep.



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Witch1 3 | Scientist2 | Primadonna | Gladiator Priest


* Status: Twinning with iSrs

** Status: Harkon Ranger

*** Status: Alpaca's 



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Hello I'm Kyo. Here are my characters :


Class : Mercenary

This character is the one i use to hunt boss and is the first character for me to level seriously after 6 attempts of creating different characters (KSG1-6)




Class : Scientist

Lion has been one of my favourite animal and it is available here in Trickster so i created him , also lion has  cool gun skills.





Class : Thief Master

This is the character i use as my storage for quest items and Refining ores. I also want to try the skill 'hide' so that's why i decided not to create another lion for storage



Thanks for the event~

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Hello I'm Roy . Here are my characters :

IGN : Monmongaz

Class : Magician

This is my dark dragon. He's name is based on the light novel, overlord. I've been keeping him at lv 86 for TUT farming, so I've been killing him a lot. I think i might need to see a therapist. 



IGN : LordAinz

Class : Shaman

He's my light dragon. With him, I will master both the dark and light element. Tremble before LordAinz, the Supreme Being of Nazerick. (He's still a work in progress)




IGN : DanteDMC

Class: Engineer

Storage Character. But I plan to actually play lion cuz i got too much guns lying around. I'm also a Texan. gotta love them guns





Thank you so much for doing this

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  • Level:216


IGN: MissAwesomeness

I originally had a primadonna of the same name on eTO, so I decided to recreate another one here on rTO. She enjoys spending time with Count Blood at his castle whenever she is on. She also likes the cute Halloween decorations in Mega (as shown in the pic of where she likes to rest).




IGN: KazikluBey

Kaz was born when I wanted to try making a Priest (as I’ve never made one before). He enjoys resting in quiet places, reading, and drinking green/black tea. He also likes wearing mini top hats.




IGN: Kageyama

A friend and I decided to make buffalo characters and get them gladiators for fun. I’ve never made one before so I’m slowly working on it. He was named after Kageyama from Haikyuu!! since the two seem similar.



P. S. Thank you for doing this ^  ^.

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