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A little Game: "My Favourite Char"

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While we are waiting for maintenance to happen, let's play a little game. This game is called "My Favourite Char."


Post a screenshot of your char in this thread.


State the IGN.


And tell us a little story about this char.


You can post up to 3 chars if you wished.


All participants will receive 1,000 MS points from me for each char.


To get this MS points, please sell me something useless, like a 10 galder coupon or something, set the price at 1,000 MS in private AH, and send the AH link to my forum inbox. If you have posted up to 3 chars + stories, then set the price accordingly (up to 3,000 MS points).


When you send the AH link to my forum inbox, please include the following info:


- IGN(s) of your favourite chars that you have posted about

- link to your post in the thread.



Let me start:


This is my favourite char.




Her IGN is [Admin]Ara but I still go by her old name, aranpandora.


She is a fox, and she used to be a Spicy Dragon Hunter. She used to have lots of Spicy uniques but I have given them away quite a bit. I love this char because she is a fox. I play foxes all the time, but I don't use skills, except drilling skill. Her guardian is a legendary Ifron named Papabear, to commemorate my bff back in Fantasia. I still miss Papabear and I hope that wherever he is, he is happy always.



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IGN: Paylette


Paylette was a character I had back in eTO.

I revived her again when I found out about

rTO. My dream for her was to become a Power

Leveler for characters Level 40 and up. I

achieved that goal and made a very powerful

sheep. I'm happy for that. ^_^.





IGN: [MOD]Temmie


(Yes, I picked the most glorious face) When

I first made Temmie, I had no intention of her

being my mod character. However, I shared

my main account with a close friend, so MOD

Temmie was born in a separate account. Ever

since then, I've felt high energy as Temmie, running

around and spreading love on this character.

It certainly shows.


There is a lot of importance when adding the mod part.

Now, you don't have to read this part, but if you want, then

click ~






IGN: Toriel


Of course, I can't have Temmie without

Toriel. I created Tori specifically for the

guild Home. When I play as Temmie or

Tori, I get to come out of my comfort zone

and be kind and silly. They're not RP characters...

rather, a less reserved me.



Lovely, Lyla. Please sell me something for 3000 MS pts. You have not done so. ^.^

~ aran 2016-11-06

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1.IGN: ChaosBringer

So I had a bunny in eto , so I decided to relive the nostalgia and made her here. Had her times where she somehow ends up in weird situations:


Then there was a time where I succeeded in becoming a Mizzo clone :

Then this... (may or may not still salty about this) :

Finally went through all the struggles and made my way up to 400 with the help from my friends.

2. IGN: Keyos
A magician who loves to surprise people.I love to use her because of her "shocking" skills.

3. IGN: Kranky
He's trying to aim to be the very best. It's... still a work in progress.

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1. MirinX




The eldest sister who seems to be such an ice queen.

She's pretty and is nor being a bum by selling stuff to make money.


2. Licht





The middle child. She gets less attention and it's been tough for her.. so she just tries to naturally look cute 

(Notice me senpai)


3. Elric




The youngest brother. He collects stones and tries to sell them so he could buy hotdocks and play with sticks outside.

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Check out what I'm selling:


Shop 1


Shop 2



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1) PowerfulBunny:



She's very pinky and lovely, my highest level character, 200 *-*.


2) BuffOfPower:



This was my first character to get 3rd job in rTO ^-^, he's kinda low tho q.q, Lv. 140.


3) MyRacconIsOP: (Yes I know I'm missing 1 "O"...)



With this character I first played an event in rTO and even won couple of boxes and Cross Tattoo 90 ^_^

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1.) IGN:  Illyasveil 




Illya is the first character i made in this server based from my favorite anime character. you can always find her afk in various locations.  I just got her to 300 few days ago mainly because she's lazy. D: But i love her so much. I got her an Ifron by chance which i didn't like too. >.< 



2. IGN: Kurochan





After i got tired of Illya, i stopped playing for a few months. And a few weeks ago i came back and i made her. She's a wind/ earth SM. She just got to 200 yesterday and still needs dozens of improvements. She's also my favorite after Illya cause she grinds well like all other wind/earth types. :)



3.) IGN: MilleniumEarl





Ever since i came back to TO, I really have this desire to go out of the comfort zone that is the magic types and go for something unusual (for me). MilleniumEarl is the product of my eeeebil-ness from watching the anime ( I'm sure you know which one it is. ) ;) im still finding ways to get him to level since coons can't really do well on ct without getting 3rd job skills (at least thats what i think). but i'm looking forward to making him stronger. :)

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Ign: alfredoKv

This was my first Character since eTO!
I explored many things, Made some good friends
and learned a lot!
got hacked and erased once
but Came back to life a year later!
Funny Story: when I was really new I just added Points after lvling 4 times
(to save up 16 points) and add 1 point to every stat.. Yeah.. Good Old Days..


Ign: Servando

Back in eTO people Used to say Raccoons were Buttholes
they were rude and mean.. I was decided to prove them wrong
but was dragged to the darkside and became an asshole too.. 


Ign: Shadow

This guy came to life when I decided to try something new
his name is in Honor to my Master Shadow10
Pretty Strong buffalo, he was around teaching me what i needed and stuff..
he's not around anymore but I made this character again to honor him
not even close to be as strong as he was!


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IGN: TimertheBunneh



The sole survivor of the server's Revo days (on my account), Timer is a Duelist and my highest leveled char at 233/281. She is often confused with the better-known Timer Rabbit/LadyGaap/Mami. I get it a lot, needless to say, so it's no problem.


IGN: PivotCustard



A Trickster take on an OC of a good friend of mine, Pivot here is "the raddest sniper this side of the Pacific", referencing the OC's backstory as part-echidna. She'll be a Hunter Lord in the future (if she makes it)


IGN: BatGirlMorri



Formerly BloodMoonRising and ThunderPeace, BatGirlMorri (named after Morrigan from Darkstalkers) is a fresh-out-the-gate fire/elec SM. She's a bit lazy (she's not been leveled much) but when she does fight she can surely pack a punch! (Hey, it rhymes!)

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TimertheBunneh (Duelist)PoisonScorpio (Dark Lord)PiXieStiX (Soul Master, elements water/elec)MadJungle (Gambler)Daitenshi (Priest)McFallen (Thief Master)




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1. IGN: Bunzo


c0b640e1ae6eb440a0418bd4660db001.png 62911c06e67d6cfbecfba1873fccd481.png 4d20dfc4cae12744fff3a512c599ab79.png


She is a champion and the first character I've ever gotten to Lv 350 (both here and eTO). She likes to collect fuses and wear silly stuff but still looking cute, like this picture of her wearing Gero hat with lion ears. I've gone through quite a bit of shenanigans with her. Such as being a mushroom baby or being a ghost.



2. IGN: Bunzoo




She is a duelist and she's Bunzo's little sister that never had a chance. She was created because people advised me to go duelist instead of champion, but I love being a champion <3. One day when I am finished with Bunzo, I will go back and give this one some TLC. But for now, she's still wearing Bunzo's hand-me-downs. She has her own fashion though. While her older sister has a hard time figuring out what to wear, she's got her fashion look solid: a black and white hybrid...... with the random green pet.



3. IGN: Snapzarilla




He is a priest and also Bunzo's husband. Did I marry myself, you ask? Yes. Yes I did. At first I wanted to marry Bunzo and Bunzoo but I found out there's no same sex marriage in the game and I cried. This dragon is the first one that I REALLY tried to create a look for. Many of my friends modeled for me in my quest for finding that perfect fuse. The result? The best looking dragon there is!



Very nice.

Please sell me something for 3000 MS pts and send link to my forum inbox.

I can't place a Like on your story until after I have given you the reward. ^.^

~ aran 2016-11-06

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1. IGN: purrincess



purrincess was my very first character, and I usually use her just to show my fashion 'cuz cats are cute.


2. IGN: Mitsui



I originally only made Mitsui because of Lego (used to be my guildmate in TeaParty). :D 'Cuz his coon's fashion was always cute, and I'm a sucker for cute characters, so I created him. But eventually I figured out that coons are good for PvE and PvP so I gave it a shot and made him my main.


3. IGN: Araiana



I made Araiana for boss hunting and because power types are OP.

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Posted Image



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IGN: Qianji

She is a witch. She likes count blood so much, that's why she's full of dark red with a blood pet and a black spinel. But she is quite unlucky in hunting count blood because 700+ seals gave nothing. Now her level exceeds the max for going to meet count blood, so she turns to koiosu but presently hasn't got the ring yet. 



IGN: PeachQ

She is a duelist. Like the IGN, she looks cute, and she loves eating peaches, the pink appearance makes her look like a peach. 



IGN: WinterWind

She is a witch, my first character, both rTO and eTO. WinterWind is my favourite classical music. She learns wind attr skills too. But now she seldom appears in the game because it is hard for her to hunt boss using wind skills.

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Hmmmm where shall i start ahhh okay here we go this Andys well my verry 1st character when i started playing back in Eto a good old friend told me to play the game and see how it is so i started this fox of me name is JustXforXdrill i bet many ppls will remember the name :D hellow fellow btw^^.

But yea i started playing at first i thought hum could be might interrestin but got bored fast UNTILL i found some germans (because i wasnt that good at english lang like iam now) and im a german so i started conversations about what i could do with my sweet foxy and i have to say i was suprised they told me to buy skills and about drilling and all the stuff but i started to like playing foxy and drilling the most couse i made alot of galder from it belive it or nor but i was had drilling to that time like crazy :v untill those poppuri event came and blessed us all with automatic drill pet that was the beginning of a like almost 6 year drilling time for my foxy and every body was like wow how u got that hi tm and beeing just lvl 280 or so it was quite funny yea but the best part was well as a foxy u can drill almost everywhere u want depends on ure MD/DP wich makes me doing it and alot player have seen me arround and asking me for drilling Q items and we became good friends ingame also learned alot english from all those person i could not even count by now im verry thankfull for those help(>*-*)>hungs u all :3   :D so yea that was kinda a verry cool 1st character ive ever made and she was 2nd best Driller overall)

The only failure in the end i found out instead of making her Hunterlord as 3rd i should have gone Thiefmaster but well it was also fun using gun skills :DD Like the video patrick schmitd made about our spicy items hunt ! check it out   this was made short before the Eto server was closed sadly q,qbut i had a good time with all of u guys this memories will always be with me hope u feel the same way i was heartbroken but then a few month later u came and saved my life thx RTO team<3. And again the 1st char i made was the same foxy i just remade her here not as popular as back then but i like my main verry much its a good type to play with( i would even say a perfect starter char if ure are new )

well i hope u enjoyed my little story about my foxy ure dear Andypandy :D




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1 IGN: Eustas




He is the first char i made here when i found trickster was UP again after eTO shutted down and he is the older Brother of the upcoming 2 which he always take's care of them :) .  He is a pure proud Gladiator, Not that strong thought but he can handle his own enemies like the ugly pig Koiosu 

c91e2e454d.jpg  and get Victorious  ^_^


2 IGN: Saldeath




Saldeath is the 2nd brother, He is a DL , a little bit "Shy" , he doesnt talk much and always like's Underground dark place's to go visit and have fun  :lol:



3 IGN: DempseyRoll




In memory of my very first char i made back in eTo which was a Cyber Hunter , I decided to make a Scientist and gived him the same name as the old little lion 

He is the younger brother of all three brother's, and he is a special little brother that always need's cure and some help from his older brother's 



I have re-posted your images using the Image function. 

Next time, you can just use the Image function to post your pictures properly.

Just click on this icon: e0adb8a594.png , then paste your image URL onto it. And you are done. You can sandwich it inside the Spoiler function as well.

~ aran 2016-11-06

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My turn :D

This one is tough coz I have 10 chars, so choosing 1 is hard, since my main has to be in it and my buffalo simply because of looks xD


1. IGN: Foximus




Before I forget, her name: Foximus is based on Optimus Prime lol, since I wanted a fun name. My guardian is gonna be named Prime so the name will be completed, haven't done that yet.

This makes the list coz she's my main in rTO, that's why I got her a legendary Ifron, even tho I wanted a Sephy :lol:. She used to be my boss hunter, especially Queen Odinea's (got her set complete 5 days after the actual boss system was implemented once S2 arrived), but atm she's just drilling trying to make some money. After years, finally got her to lvl310+ :lol: She'll be back to boss hunt once in a blue moon. Plus I need to get her a new look, so I have lots of work to do.


2. IGN: Kronos




This one is my second char created in rTO during the revo times, he's here coz of the looks. Finally got his good looking set to match hair dye and legend Krusef. I chose a buffalo coz I enjoyed them back in eTO and thought it be nice to have one here especially for that chizerk to lvl up, and my idea for him is to be a boss hunter including Koi and do some Harkon. At the moment, I just have to upgrade gears and I'm good to go :)


3. IGN: Kuvir




I had trouble with this one. I wanted to put one of the 4 mages I have, with my Soul Master being the third, but it turns out some her equips are on this dude xDD Anyways, a priest was my ultimate main char in eTO and took me a while to create him here, since I had created Spyro, a Wizard (didn't like so much), then made Thanatos, a Dark Lord (which I'm lvling him up atm after 2 years of hiatus), and Ankhs, a Soul Master (which was my last mage until I created my priest. Funny she was the 1st to get to 310 out of my mages :lol:​). So yeah, a priest started it all and ends it as well. No more mages. My plans for him is to get a legend Sephy (tbh either him or SM, haven't decided yet) and get this dude to 300+,  which is 49 lvl away.


Btw, can you guys see the pics? D;

The forum won'tlet me use the pic tool, it says pic extension is not allowed :c


EDIT: Got to fix the pics :D


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Let's give this a shot!

1: [IGN] Kuroni



This is my first character to reach 3rd job here and I did it yesterday, after a hard day of grinding. The journey was fun though, my guildies distracted me from the boredom that was it and we had 4 advancements in the same day. I didn't even know this character would turn out to be my main when I first joined the game, but I'm very grateful to myself for making this choice.

2: [IGN] Niari


My bunny was my main before I had some time in hiatus. After I got back and found out the guild had disbanded I've tried to find something else to do, which is way I've switched mains. But the memories will always accompany me.

3: [IGN] Lavinis


This one is a gem. The savior of all my characters. "Oh, you need Gold Lens? Oh, you need Honey tea? Let me give you a hand." My fox helped me a lot during those compound quests and by drilling my quest items. But I don't think of her as just this, I've got some things for her in the future, I hope she gets to use them.

Well, these are my 3 gems. I hope I can get them to the same level one day, but for now I'll just focus on my priest, even he has a lot of things to work around (really, what are those spells pre-requisites?! gosh). Thank you all for reading!

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1. TiffanyXD
My all time favorite - Soul Master! I enjoyed all sheep has good single attack skills and also aoe for training. I started this character back in eTo and ever since I found playtrickster, I know I need to get back to this game! 
2. Kyuzakii
My 2nd time favorite - Fox! I absolutely enjoy the drilling skills of my fox. The only reason why I want to play this character is to see the awesomeness of the drilling skills. This definitely did not disappoint me.
3. Kyuzaki
Last but not least - Bunny! I have to admit bunny is the cutest character in Trickster. It's punch when it attacks its super adorable. Unfortunately, I did not get too far with this character.



I can't see your screenshots. Please use other app/software to capture your images that give you a URL. I use Puush http://puush.me/. It's similar to Gyazo but free (for Gyazo, you have to pay once you reach 2000 screenshots).

Please re-post your pictures.

~ aran 2016-11-06

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Well, i loved this!! =D


So, this me me ^^




My buffalo's name is [Mod]Hiroto, but before became a moderator i was called HirotoSenpai.  Who knows me can affirm how i love buffalo character. Since eTo i've been playing with buffalo like a 1st choice, but of course i have many others characters (even more 3 buffalo character). ^^


Well, this is my favorite second character in trickster:  Fox!!!




I didn't like fox before this server. I have never tried to be honest, when i did... i fall in love!

My fox name is Ayuli, in eTo, Ayuli was a really close friend, and i was missing her so much, so i decided to create a fox with the same name.

Unfortunately, i've been using my fox just to drill. 



Since eTo i use the same sequence of characters, basically this sequence is my favorite. 

In the 3rd place, i LOVE magic type. 

I love all magic type. 

But my first love of magic type is Dark Lord.

My Dark Lord's name is: iHiroto.





Yeah, this is some of my characters ^^ 

Thanks, see you~~ =D 



Very nice, Hiro.

Please sell something useless to me for 3000 MS so that I can send you reward.

~ aran 2016-11-06

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Hello Darlings!


1. IGN: Mizzo



Back in eTO I was filling out College applications. I tried many igns during character creation and all of them were taken and on this day I got excepted into MIZZOU. ON a whim I entered Mizzo which is also short for Missouri, the state I live in, and bam! that's how the first Mizzo was started. When eTO closed I was working on my college thesis and didn't know of Tricksters closing. So when I found this server (On Christmas eve in 2013)  I thought it was a miracle and used Mizzo again in hopes maybe some of my eTO friends recognized me. No one ever did, but that's how the Mizzo here started ;) So my all time favorite is my Main Bunny Mizzo the Duelist ;D


2. IGN: Wynn



Earlier this year i really wanted the kitsune ears, in the past i even spent 50k ms on it and never got it. Then my hubby gets a few boxes and gets it his first try and gives it to me. Since he got me these ears I thought lets make a character for this fashions sake. So on a whim I ask a guild-mate if we wana play together for a bit. I originally was gona stop at 200. I ended up getting this guy to 400 in 45 days bahaha. So my second Favorite pick is my character for Fashions Sake Dragon Wynn the Priest <3



3. IGN: Layn



In November of 2015 we had a guildie decide she was quitting trickster and wanted to make an event out of it. She sold all here stuff and made hundreds of thousands of ms and held an MVP event. This event was aimed at getting guild points for a month. The people who got the most points that month received the most MS. That's where Layn came in, I created him for her event. Me and a few other guildies took this opportunity to also race who could get the most points or level the quickest, of course I lost I chose a coon they chose a buffalo ;). Even after the event I went ahead and fashioned him up as a frog and got him to the mid 300s. So my 3rd pick is my Mr. Frogy my Gambler Coon Layn.


<3 Mizzo sorry my grammar is bad ;>




Please send me your useless item for 3000 MS. ^.^

~ aran 2016-11-06

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Posted Image Go Go Harkon Rangers!



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IGN: Hanryuushi

A sheepy little witch that would say, "Meow", more than, "Baa". Hanryuushi was my first character back in eTO and in this server. In Fantasia, she ran as a guild leader to "<Cataclysm>" and lazed around all day while chatting away in guild chat while collecting both fashion and debt (to Papa Bear). In this server, her bag and storage are completely full to the brim with fuses and equipment of all sorts, debt-free. She currently resides in the guild, " #", which is filled to the brim with other characters I've made. She was my favorite once upon a time but now she sleeps her days away in a dream.



IGN: Boring

Another sheep, this time she's a "Soul Master". Boring is simply.... Boring. She doesn't do much aside from trying to look cute and possibly drill all day, everyday. Made a few months ago on a whim, she is currently my highest leveled character at lvl323 but since I lost interest in the game, there is no clue whether she'll be level 400 one day. Most likely not. She sticks to first job fashion as she collected all of it after selling off the galder she's made from drilling everyday. I guess it's a small price to pay for looking adorable.

IGN: Filthy

Leader of my mule guild, " #", she is the commanding officer of my small army of drillers. All eight of them are decked in black fashion, kooh hats, black wings, and sun glasses. She differentiates herself from the others by having a sword and shield, unlike the others who carry no weapon as they get in the way of drilling. She is also different from the others as she is the only one that has put DA into her build. Rather than drill all day, she can sometimes be seen coming out of Count Blood's room after a nasty little fight.

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06.gifboring.soulmaster.always on overwatch

All my characters are in [ #].



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IGN: RedSonja



I had a fox on eTO called RedSonya (i made a typo :) ). So i remade her here.

Her name comes from a movie: Red Sonja. :) Here are some screenshots of my fox from eTO: ETO Screenshots .


IGN: Sharla



Yup. Another fox. :) I needed a character to check things at New Content Development Office area and something in True Kronos trials. There is drilling too, so Fox was obvious choice.

Now she is hunting Koiosu and True Kronos. Not successfully. :)

I named her after my favorite Hong Kong actress Sharla Cheung! :)



IGN: BattleCattle




I saw a buffalo with Chi Sword using Berserker at Coral Beach Field 2 (Volleyball court). What a sight! I had to create a Gladiator.

And thats how the legend was born ... kidding :D ... he is quite weak, but i like him.

Together, we have been through so many battles and life threatening situations. :)

Edited by hovado, 06 November 2016 - 10:51 AM.

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