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Cyber Hunter build help (Throwing/Shuriken Focused)

cyber hunter lion

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Hello, I've decided i wanted to make a throwing/shuriken hybrid Lion, mostly cuz i like how he looks alot,and im not a fan of how fox looks, (at least the sprites, i really like her 3rd clothes though) i dont really mind about the gun skills being mediocre with the build as long as the shuriken ones get pretty decent, so i was wondering..


Should i go for 4141 build? are throwing sense characters as much AC needy as Gunners? or they can go well without it?


If that's the case should i go 1144?


I'm thinking making it Pure DA even if it only pays in really late in the game "after 3rd job of course"


I've checked hybrid lion guides but they're gunner focused, most of the guides are only to complement the gunner with explorer's buffs and etc.



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I don't know if i can really help you, but i'll try, since i have a Thief Master and the skills are similar for Cyber Hunter (2nd Job Fox Skills).


First of all, are you confortable that you'll only have one AoE skill and that skill has an erratic 'AoE'? That's really bad for grinding. (Of course you can have Pouch of Pain, which can affect area, but at this point, balance WT and DA and LK and everything else is kinda a pain)


As you know, as far as you wish to become one throwing/shuriken type, those skills are based only in DA and your PP (Precise Pitch) level, so i would say NO, don't bother with your AC and go for 1144 (that's a decent attack/deffense build, you will enjoy and is ok for PvE). 


IMO, if you like the ideia of throwing/shurikens and stuff, you MUST go for Thief Master, the 3rd job skills are stunning and really good to match ur class. The sprite is just a detail and you can set it as far as you want with tons of skins, fuses, etc. items that are available.


Good Luck!



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It really depends on your play
style. If you like grinding, you'll
probably go AC and make a
DA set when approaching 3rd job.

If you don't really want to spend the
money on two different sets and don't
mind questing, I would suggest pure DA.

It's all relevant to much time you want
to put into it. I chose to go full DA and I'm
pretty happy with the outcome when I reached
3rd job.

I hope this helps

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