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Account Safety, Hacking, Email Issue

email hacking secure code lock code lost items account

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I seem to receive an increase in hacking reports lately. 



Personally, I feel players are being less than honest about their accounts and hacking situation.


1. Your Secure Code would prevent someone from entering your Auction House. This means there is no access into your inventory from the website.


2. Your Lock Code would prevent someone from taking out items from your inventory, bank, and warehouse in game.



However, the above account safety measures don't work if:


1. Your account has been shared with others before.


2. You have bought the account from someone else. This means the original owner still owns the email; so the original owner can get the username, password, Secure Code, Lock Code anytime. This means the original owner (or anyone else he gives the information about your account to) can "hack" your account anytime.


This is why you should never buy accounts from anyone.


3. You have played on a computer that is used by other people. This include your family and friends as well as playing in venues such as Internet Cafe, your school library, or other public use places.


4. You have told others about your account information before.



I doubt that genuine hacking has really happened in a number of the cases reported to us. 


What do we do in these instances?


If the hacking happened recently, such as within a few days of reporting, or within the month or so, it may be possible to track the movement of items. However, if the incident happened quite a long time ago but only reported now, quite likely the items are gone. 


The hacker account(s) will be permanently-banned.


Items may or may not be recovered. We cannot promise we can get back anything.


Therefore, please keep your accounts safe. Do not share information. And if you have stopped playing, if you still want to keep your account safe, just check your accounts regularly. On our side, we can only keep our database safe. It is your responsibility to keep your accounts safe on your side.


And to keep your computer safe. Use anti-malware and always regularly maintain the safety of your computer. 

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There is another issue; this is about emails used for account registration.


Quite often, I receive reports from players saying they have not played for a while and now cannot remember their email, or that their email has been hacked.


1. It is your responsibility to remember your email. Write it in a book somewhere. Don't keep the information written and saved in your computer. Your computer may become corrupted and you lost all information.


2. I don't really believe the "email is hacked" excuse much anymore; it seems too common and too easy an excuse to use. Why would anyone bother hacking your email? If people are such good hackers, they would not bother hacking individual's emails; they would go after government secrets or financial institutions or important people. 


Hacked email is a convenient excuse by players who do not own the account in the first place, maybe they have bought the accounts, therefore the original email isn't theirs in the first place. So now, they cannot use the email to do recovery or reset function.


People who claim to have forgotten their email or claimed email is hacked may have also used junk email to register the account. Therefore, the email is now no longer working or no longer available.


In this situation, we may give you hint about the email of your account and hope that will trigger your memory of the email name.


It is not likely that we will change the email for you. 


Thus, this issue may not be resolved at all.


So take the proper responsibility for your game accounts. Don't forget the emails.


Don't share your game account information. And as much as possible, do not play on computers that are also used by others. 


Again keep your computer safe. Don't click on suspicious links. Clean your computer regularly with anti-virus and anti-malware.


Be responsible.

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