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Announcement: Aran: Filing Issues on the Forum Posted by Paige


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Note to players (from Aran, source):

So that you don't spam-message everywhere with the same issue (server's official facebook, rTO facebook group, GMWan's personal facebook, GM Sky's personal facebook, GM Sky's forum mail, forum), my advice is to post in forum, then highlight to me so that I can highlight the issue to the GMs. I check messages on server's official facebook, rTO facebook & forum [I don't check GM Sky's forum mail, personal facebook & GMWan's personal facebook since these are personal], but the easiest for me to take action on is when issues are posted in forum and then highlighted to me (because I might have missed certain threads when scanning through new forum posts).

GMWan is not big on reading [which is why I have to check a lot of places & read & highlight issues to the GMs], so he may or may not read your message to him. GM Sky is very busy irl so he reads messages but may take time to respond.

I generally don't respond to personal issues posted in rTO facebook because it's usually tainted by too many comments from other players, plus it's difficult for me to link the posts to the GMs.

I also tend to not highlight issues raised by players in forum when information is incomplete; e.g., no IGN given.

I only highlight player issues to GMs when I know that the issue can only be solved by the GMs. If the issue can be solved through advice by other players or moderators, or by checking through threads in the forum, I usually leave the issues be.

Sometimes after highlighting the issue to GMs, I don't receive answer from them. This could mean the issue cannot be resolved. I try my best to get answers for players from the GMs but the GMs are busy; just like many of us, they have many other real life concerns to attend to, and they have their priorities in term of game issues to deal with.