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#139 Game Information

Posted by Sky on 26 November 2013 - 07:09 PM


  • Best 2D Graphic & Cute Characters
    Cute, vivid graphics and characters suited for both kids and kids-at-heart.
  • Advantage of Package Game
    Experience the best of package games by playing through detailed quest modes and different campaigns.
  • Strength of MMORPG
    Experience the best of MMO game through unique chatting system and various party play modes.
  • New & Innovative System
    All new and never seen before features like Drill System, Card Battle System, Card Identification, Guardians, Harkon Defense, My Camp System, and Monster Quest System.

Game Features

  •  Graphics & Cute Characters
    4 types of characters, each with male and female counterparts. The characters combine RPG aspect as well as avatar concept, harnessing and growing the characters strength through Occupation Transportation System.
  • Drill System
    A feature never seen before, you acquire new items by drilling holes in the ground. Different types of drills are available for different types of environment.
  • Card Battle System
    Versus mode that pits user against one another. A game within a game.
  • Card Identification
    A memory game where you match items to obtain them, through this you will get some of the items needed to get your guardian.
  • Guardians
    Through a quest you will be able to obtain a guardian, a being who you can customize the stats and skills of and who will help you fight when summoned.
  • Harkon Defense
    With your guardian and other people defend against waves of enemies as they try to destroy the harkon statues.
  • Party System
    Form your own party with your friends to complete a number of unique quests.
  • Variety of Equipments & Items
    Usable Items – Diversified Potions, Teleport, hair dyes in a variety of shades
    Equipment Items – Functional (for Offense/Defense) and Fashion Items
    Drill Items – Different drills for different environments
    Pet Items – Each character can bring along their own pet
    Other Items – Items for decorating My Camp or items that give your character special powers.

Server Features

  • Base Experience Rate: 3X
  • TM Experience Rate: 6x
  • Drop Rate: 3x
  • Version: Season 2
  • Classes: First Job – Third Job

System Requirements

To ensure the best game play, be sure to check the system requirements.

  • CPU : Pentium IV (2.5 ghz and higher)
  • Memory : 2.00 GB
  • Platform Windows : XP/Vista/7/8
  • Graphics Card : Geforce 2MX or higher (Atleast 512mb Dedicated Graphics Memory)
  • Direct X Version : DirectX 8.1 or higher

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#57146 Patch Note 2015-05-27

Posted by fluffycow on 28 May 2015 - 02:34 AM

Hey, I know some people were complaining about the higher exp rates and that they wanted lower rates... but I think many people, myself included, would rather have those higher exp rates.


(I'm just speaking on my own behalf,  but if you agree or disagree, please do say so.)


I started on this private server simply because of the higher rates.

I agree that the original trickster was fun, but I do not wish to relive those times exactly. The leveling process was very tedious and I love having the chance to jump levels and then relax for a few days and just chat, walk around,and boss. The leveling process was definitely more relaxed and fun than in eTO... stupid quests :( . With the exp nerf, now everyone will have to once again, go through the dreaded quests of mermaid, ghost blue, rose... etc.


Most of the people I talk to agree that a lot of the quests are not very rewarding.


Secondly, the nerf in the exp rate would, if anything, PROMOTE power leveling. In eTO, I personally did power level people at various level ranges. With a perm 150 dragon at kerbs and with a lv 2xx at bears. There will always be power leveling. If the leveling process is harder, then the rich will be MORE inclined to buy power leveling. I think the exp rates were perfect as they were in the previous patch.


In the list of reasons why people play, there was a lot of mention of nostalgia. I agree... trickster was my favorite mmorpg of all time and I kept coming back to it, time after time. But the main reason I left was due to the slow leveling process... I quite enjoyed the grinding at CT in rTO instead of doing quests. And since leveling is easier, I could do more of the things I enjoyed such as bossing, just chilling and chatting with guildies (SHOUT OUT TO MUSIC!!), and other general merriment.


TL;DR: Please reconsider this exp nerf! D: I liked it the way it was :( with the exp as it was, people could quest if they so desire and go at their own pace, or they could decide to forgo the quests and just grind. But regardless, they had an option. With the nerf, it seems you are pushing people to do quests, even if they dread doing them. I realize that as a private server there will always be discontent, but my vote is for removing the exp nerf!



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#53357 Second Channel: Aquamarine Island

Posted by Aran on 25 March 2015 - 12:07 PM

Second Channel: Aquamarine Island


Please take note that the server will shut down for about 10 – 15 minutes at approximately 7:00 a.m. website time (7:00-ish) to implement a second channel for our server called Aquamarine Island. We are testing this channel to see if it eases the occupancy of the first channel, Ruby Island. You can log in and choose to go into either one of the channels. Since this is not a new server, but just a second channel in the same server, you do not need to create new accounts/chars to play in the second channel. This test will run for several weeks to see how everything goes.

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#17602 Ideas & Suggestions

Posted by Torikakae on 21 March 2014 - 06:02 AM

Let MyCamp Items be purchasable through galders. It gives no advantage to anyone and everyone wants this feature, including free players.


Instead of bringing back Gacha, you could use Wooden Boxes or GM Certificate Exchange for Gacha-exclusive items in eTO. It would give Events and GM Certificates a much needed boost in value.



Aran's edit:

Gacha is published on website now.

GM cert is used as prizes for events published by GM and is highly valuable as an exchange item for Universal Trickster Capes & other items at Rosemary in Mega Shop.

MyCamp items will continue to be purchased using MS.

Wooden Boxes ~ not yet. Something we may consider in the future.

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#3 Game Rules

Posted by Sky on 23 November 2013 - 10:08 PM

A. Game Relations


Rule No. GR/01

Do not use any Third-Party Program.

Starting September 20, 2013, All players who are caught Macro-ing/Botting will be banned permanently without any notice.


Q: What if they beg you to unban their accounts?
A: Even if they beg 24/7, I wont unban their accounts.


Q: How will you know if a player is botting?
A: If they are not responding and they are doing the same pattern for a long time.

Example: Cast Skill – Cast Skill - Use MP Potion – Cast Skill – Cast Skill – Use MP Potion



Rule No. GR/02

No Impersonation. Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name yourself similar to a GM.


Example #1: A player whispers another player and he has a “GM” on his name.
Remember, GM(s) will never ask for your Account Info or Items.


Example #2: A player copies the name of your friend and whispers you “Hey, may I borrow your Lvl 13 Altiverse Maiden Set?”


Remember, GM(s) are not responsible for lost items.



Rule No. GR/02a

Players are requested not to name their chars similar to names of existing chars in game. This is to avoid confusion and any unwanted consequences. For example, if a char whose name is very similar to yours got banned, the system may also end up banning your char as well. The Game Masters may change chars' names that are too similar with each other without notice. [Added September 20, 2014]



Rule No. GR/03

Exploiting bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of Galder or Items or having Overpowered Equipments, or disrupting the server will result in a IP ban/account ban.



Rule No. GR/04

Do not use character names or guild names with offensive or inappropriate words in them, that might directly or indirectly offend other players. Names that carry sexual connotations are also prohibited.



Rule No. GR/05

Do not attempt to trade things within rTO for things outside of rTO. This includes real money, items/accounts of other servers/games, etc.


Add: http://board.playtri...nse/#entry95940




Rule No. GR/05a

Starting June 21, 2014, account trading is prohibited. Any account known to us as traded account will be banned without notice. Any report of players being scammed by original owners or by other parties due to account trading will not be entertained, and the account(s) involved will be banned permanently.



Rule No. GR/06

Please use the TBN wisely and with care. Do not use foul language, and do not post on TBN things that are considered as trolling, may incite fights, may be offensive, or otherwise unpleasant. You can post fun things with TBN, but use common sense; do not abuse it. Abuse of TBN may result in ban. [Amended March 14, 2015]



B. Game Master Relations


Rule No. GM/01

GM(s) will never ask for your items or password in game.


Rule No. GM/02

GM(s) will never give away any galder, items, power level or tank players.


Rule No. GM/03

Respect all GM(s).


Rule No. GM/04

Do not spam messages to GM(s).


Rule No. GM/05

Do not ask to be a GM.


Rule No. GM/06

GM(s) reserve the right to ban players for rule violations without warning.




C. Player Relations


Rule No. PR/01

No begging for items/galders. Example: Posting this on Party Bulletin ”SOMEONE GIVE ME MONEY PLZ IM NEW HERE”



Rule No. PR/02

Respect all players. No harassment or discrimination is allowed. Serious offenses such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment will result in a ban.



Rule No. PR/03

Do not spam, trashtalk or use vulgar or obscene language in public chat. Something is considered spam when the same (or a similar) message is repeated very often. If you need something, do not tell or ask about it every 30 seconds or minute. Once every few minutes is more than enough.



Rule No. PR/04

Although we welcome any nationality and thus a wide variety of languages, it becomes very difficult for players to follow conversation when large quantity of lines are in languages they do not understand. As such, please try to keep the primary language in public chat to English. Extended conversations or excessive lines in another language can be treated as public chat spam on a case-by-case, player-reported basis.


English is the main language for our server. However, our players come from many different countries. You may speak your own language, however always be sensitive to others who do not understand what you are saying. If asked what you are saying, translate what you say to English so that others may understand.


The general rule is: Be tolerant of others who may be different from you (and speak a different language), and be mindful that you may be different from others (and may speak in a language which could be misunderstood by, and be offensive to others).


~ Edited by Aran, Dec 7, 2015 



Rule No. PR/05

If you are recruiting or looking for a party, please use the Party Bulletin.



Rule No. PR/06

When casting area attacks, make sure not to hit other players’ monsters.



Rule No. PR/07

PvP : KOS-related drama, player-to-player quarrel, or guild-related quarrel will not be entertained by mods, admin or GM, either in forum or in game, except extreme cases on grounds such as racism, homophobia, and matters of similar nature. To report such extreme cases, take evidential screenshots and report to us. [Amended December 14, 2014]



Rule No. PR/08

Do not scam/steal people of their items, accounts and galder. Upon clear evidence, scammers will be banned from the game.


However, this rule does not extend to power-levelling activities. We do not encourage power-levelling since the game provides many legitimate quests to undertake in order to level up and that players should expend effort to level themselves up, and not depending on someone else through power-levelling. Thus, any player who want to engage in either buying or selling power-levelling, they undertake this activity at their own risks and reports of scams arising from such activities would not be entertained. [Amended September 20, 2014]



Rule No. PR/09

If someone apologizes for breaking one of the Player Relations rules, accept the apology and move on. Do not harass, swear or threaten them.



Rule No. PR/10

Bullying or any method of harrassment to a player is not allowed. (E.g., Using TBN to yell a player's name with a bad intention, Setting up a MyCamp to annoy a player, Spamming Trade Request, Card Battle Request, Party Request, Whispers.) Blackmailing a player is also a form of bullying. Players caught/reported doing this will be banned permanently from the game.




D. Important: General Rules


Rule No. IG/01

Do not advertise or recommend other Trickster servers on any kind of chat.


Rule No. IG/02

You are responsible for your account’s security. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget.


Rule No. IG/03

If you give out your password/account information to anyone, you take FULL responsibility for their actions while playing on your accounts (including botting/scamming/item loss/character deletion).


Rule No. IG/04

We are not responsible if your items got stolen or galders/MS/mileage points are lost because someone guesses your password, because you give your user name/password/account information to others, or because you share your computer and others could get hold of your game/forum account information that way.


Rule No. IG/05

Account trading is not encouraged. If you lose accounts/items from attempting to or from actual buying/selling/trading of accounts, we are not responsible for your loss. Please see Rule No. GR/05a.


Rule No. IG/06

Most of all, use common sense. Do not do things to other people that you wouldn’t want done unto you.


Rule No. IG/07

The GM(s) reserve the rights to change these rules without notice.

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#64571 New Trickster Online OST

Posted by zstyle on 08 September 2015 - 10:17 PM

Hello fellow Tricksters  :) I hope all of you are doing well. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Z-Style (My music producer name that is). Me and another fellow composer are working on a new OST for Trickster Online. The first part will be up for download this coming Friday. Right now we just need to finish two tracks in the desert beach areas. Here are the tracks that we finished up until now and that are uploaded, so you guys can listen to them. Please give us any feedback that you may have  :lol: I hope everyone will enjoy this project we are embarking on for this incredible game. Thanks!


Important!: Our tracks are named the same as the ones in the music folder. All you have to do is copy and paste them in and they should play in-game. You'll have to copy and paste them after a new patch, since it restores the original files in place. Also, if you want, make a back up of the original music folder, so you can replace at will the original and new OST  :lol: 


(Part 1) Coral & Desert Beach area tracks (Previews & Second Update Download Link): https://www.mediafir...93nl98lr8bbxe85


Title theme by Z-Style: https://soundcloud.c...ney-title-theme

Blooming Coral Day theme (Updated) by Z-Style: https://soundcloud.c...coral-day-theme

Blooming Coral Night theme (Updated) by Z-Style: https://soundcloud.c...ral-night-theme

Coral Beach theme (Coral Beach Hunting Grounds) by Z-Style: https://soundcloud.c...ral-beach-theme

Desert Gate theme by Virix: https://soundcloud.c...sert-beach-gate

Desert Beach theme (Desert Beach Hunting Grounds) by Virix:  https://soundcloud.c...x-desert-fields

Paradise Day theme (Updated) by Z-Style: https://soundcloud.c...adise-day-theme

Paradise Night theme (Updated) by Z-Style: https://soundcloud.c...ise-night-theme

Shop theme by Virix: https://soundcloud.c...ue-indoor-theme


(Part 2) Poppuri Dungeon & Megalopolis area tracks (Previews and Download Link): https://www.mediafir...hade3111y2xpron


Emerald Forest Day Theme: https://soundcloud.c...orest-day-theme

Emerald Forest Night Theme: https://soundcloud.c...est-night-theme

Megalopolis Theme: https://soundcloud.c...galopolis-theme

Relics Field Theme: https://soundcloud.c...ics-field-theme

Caballa Relics Theme: https://soundcloud.c...la-relics-theme

Oops Wharf Theme: https://soundcloud.c...ops-wharf-theme


(Part 3) Coming Soon!


My (Z-Style) Websites: https://soundcloud.com/z-stylehttp://www.youtube.c.../ZStyleOfficialhttp://serenitymusicians.bandcamp.com/


Virixs Websites: https://soundcloud.com/virixhttp://youtube.com/user/Dreamcube017http://virixcore.net/

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#57243 Patch Note 2015-05-27

Posted by Wasabi on 29 May 2015 - 04:12 AM

Please be reasonable with your requests. You think we have full-fledged staff like official servers? If this game were profitable enough to support fully-staffed companies like in the official servers, do you think they would have closed?
- aran, 2015-05-27

are you for real?

Do you even know why the original server closed?
This is the most ignorant thing i've heard lol

As for the scroll of resolute being removed from the game:
Everyone that is saying that it's useless are speaking through such a narrow perspective.
The scrolls served a purpose, and people used them for what they were intended for. If you believe those specific scrolls are useless then remove them all from the game.
Saying one is useless because /you/ don't use them doesn't make sense.

People need to stop sucking up to the poor administration this game follows. Excuses such as 'a barrage of messages thus leading to the removal of an item' isn't a wise choice. There should have been a poll and discussion to determine whether or not the item should be allowed to exist. Not only that but the way they handled the last event made me take a leave from this game. But I don't matter in the grand scope of things.
Saying things such as "We won't have events anymore because you're all bitching" is soooo stupid.
As community leaders you should come to know that you won't please everyone. That is impossible. But because a handful of people decided to be vocal about their negative opinion, the rest of the community will have to go back and defend themselves because the handful of people does not represent the community as a whole. But the administration doesn't care if you enjoy the event. One person was unhappy. It's over.
I wouldn't have posted but I just won't deal with it anymore. Aran and all the other moderators are our representatives; they are the individuals of power for the community. They wouldn't have to be if the other higher ups didn't AFK from the community. Who even knows the 'coders' name? I didn't know they were human until; they got sick a week ago.
The exp and TM drop is a whole 'nother topic. Being level 333 I don't have anywhere to quest. But people have already explained that here.
But it showcases another example of what i'm talking about. They remove something that was there and didn't think about the consequences. Yeah, ok you remove some of the exp rates that helped this server a lot. But what about the people that are higher level? What about the people that just don't want to quest? Can we not enjoy this game in our own way or is questing just sooo essential that it should be the only way this game should be played? You know, the funny part is that AFK drilling is still going to be abused. lol. This aint gonna fix it. Yeah I can still play this game, but I already averaged 1 lvl per 1hr with my Duke. I don't want to grind for 3 hours for a level and a half. And I can't quest post abyss.

This message is not intended to be sent with any malice. Yeah I said stupid, big deal.
The server is great and the customer satisfaction is considered here, but it's lackluster overall.
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#44649 Little advice to the GM's from a player much like everyone else :) Please...

Posted by Michelle on 27 October 2014 - 03:05 AM

For the team who runs the game, I just wanted to share some advice to keep things running smoothy, possibly..

I can already tell I'm going to regret posting this, lol. Ah well.

I recently saw the post on the official "Trickster Private Server" facebook page in regards to banning accounts with inappropriate names, and I guess it sort of provoked some thoughts I have on the topic of the server as of late.. so here we go...

In my personal opinion, the stricter you are with the game rules and what players are able to do "legally" (according to these rules you are falsely creating for the community), the faster the downfall of the fan base. There are less and less people staying, and even less new players... not to mention these never ending drill events making people lazy and making it seem like you have to spend money to play... it makes people stop trying.

Inb4 people take parts of what I am saying as a whole in order to judge character... I'm not trying to focus purely on the negatives here, I am just trying to shed some light on the situation at hand... maybe it can help.

You are treating this server more and more like an official one the more profit you receive from players who ENJOY it, this money is to not only keeping it running but also to self-fund your lives (like it is your job to be a GM of Trickster... lol), it is just a game, and it's the players' choice to spend money on it more or not. People play games to have fun... take that away and you're left with people who would rather step away from it all then to be apart of it.

I don't want to start an argument or a debate here, I'm just saying that the more rules you create the less the players will respect the "rulers" of this game and the community will become much like it did to make Gamerage shut down the game in the first place! :/ Not to mention how many times people are contradicting themselves about these rules.. Mostly why I haven't been playing lately. That and my guild all quit for similar reasons. Sorry.

I mean, I can understand why you wouldn't want inappropriate names (in regards to the recent post on banning accounts for names deemed "wrong"), but all that aside the more people and accounts you ban the less people will come back to play because 1) they don't want to have to start all over again for a third+ time, 2) they're scared of starting all over again, and 3) if you govern this server like you own it and have control over it and the people, they will not only loose respect for the GM's but also the system in which you have made for players to "follow"... they start  feeling restricted in everything they do just to have a little fun. Sure, ban the people who choose words with inappropriate meanings... but what about the accounts of people who got banned and claim it was unfair or that they just want to effing PLAY A GAME and not have to worry about getting banned in the first place? It comes as a shock to some, they lose everything yet again... and yet... You don't look into these cases because it is easier to just brush them aside. Some people never thought it would be a possibility they could be banned so they never bothered taking screenshots to prove they own the account. You don't care. Sorry if that sounds a little mean or like I'm over-generalizing it but there is some truth in it.

The only reason I started playing Trickster Online again was because it was there for me again, in short, it existed again (lol), example being it didn't matter if it wasn't the official version anymore because the official version wasn't around to play (I took what I could get), and it didn't matter in the beginning what the rules were, we were all just happy to have a game we enjoy available to us again. But, the players are what make the game possible.. take that away and you not only don't have a job anymore but all these people who love trickster (not just for the memories and friends we have made playing it... but for it's unique play style, etc.. whatever the reasons each person has), will quit.

Say all you want that you don't care if people quit because honestly it is an individual choice...  I'm just warning you that you're not going to do anything good, really you'll just make people lose respect for everything you provide if your continue to govern the game like you are the reason people play it again. Not just talking about you Aran... If there was another private server before this one (I am just saying IF as an example, if it helps to imagine that possibility so be it) you probably wouldn't even be in the position to make any posts about it because you would be a player like everyone else dealing with GM's who make these sorts of rules. Focus too much on what you have and not what you don't have, and you're unable to see it from a players' point of view... very important to maintaining a balance.

Just saying. :) Have a good day/night/life, and peace~  maybe try to respect people and let them do what they enjoy instead of shutting them down (quite literally)? The post that was made on the topic of banning accounts with names like "(I had to remove this out of the FEAR of getting banned)" or really anything that will make someone say "THAT IS WRONG", understandable offense, but seriously... you shouldn't start to hold yourself up high and feel the need to make these choices for others. You should have to give some freedom to the community, not muffle it until everyone hates it - don't hate the players... hate the game, lol (now that's just corny...). Or maybe it just SOUNDS that way
:/ fuck dick bitch, am I banned yet?

The more rules you make the more people will try and break them, as well. Just. SAYIN'.

Now I'm just asking people not to hate me for this, but no doubt there's probably going to be some regardless. Bring it on, not like it will change a thing...

GM's, I respect you, but you should learn to respect the players like your life depends on it. LOL JK BUT SERIOUSLY. I mean your job.. or meaningless worth. I dunno what I'm typing anymore. Peace out~

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#88276 Game / Server

Posted by Aran on 02 July 2017 - 08:58 PM

Dear Players, our server has been under ddos attack for the past week, including today. We are deeply sorry about this and we are trying our best to address the issue. Your patience is greatly appreciated and we apologise again for the inconvenience cause to your game play and time.  Thank you to those who posted in our Facebook group. Your posts are usually the ones that wake me up and alert me when this happens. To whoever is attacking us, please stop. There is nothing you gain other than collecting bad karma for your own life which will return back to you in the future in shapes and forms you don't even know now. To the players who continue to play, and play fairly, thank you. This game means a lot to us who grow up with it; it's our little corner of the universe. In spite of the adversities we face, we will be here. Thank you.

~ aran



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Posted by VISHAAL on 01 December 2018 - 02:40 PM





OH AND ALSO EXTREMELY OBNOXIOUS HEAD PIECES LIKE: fc89ccf437033cf1a986357802a36cb6.gif









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#71776 Announcement: New Year's Gift for all players from GMWan

Posted by Aran on 22 January 2016 - 02:31 PM

Dear Playtricksters,


GMWan sends his best new year wishes to all of you.


He has given the following set to each account:




Please find them in your MyShop inventory in game.


He thanks everyone who play and help make this server an awesome place to play this game.





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#97688 EXP Boost Event to replace O/X Event in August

Posted by Aran on 15 August 2018 - 10:41 PM

We will be having EXP Boost Event to replace the previously planned O/X Event in August as follows:




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#95846 History repeats itself

Posted by MrSlaughter on 09 May 2018 - 10:37 AM

Dear Tricksters,


I am a Trickster enthusiast and I hate to see it being so dead. I have been offline for a whole year due to personal reasons. (I moved to study in Hong Kong and had nothing but a MacBook Air so I could not play video games). I never planned on coming back to Trickster but when I logged on just to check it out, it brought back a lot of new memories and now I want to play again. HOWEVER, coming back to an empty server is not inviting. Let's see what the problem is and how we can solve it.


The problems

  1. Lack of content :
    As a new character there is a lot to do in this game. Plenty of quests/monster quests/party quests/grinding spots/chaos tower and (my personal favorite) story quests as well as enlightment quests. HOWEVER, as you level up above 310+ there is a crazy lack of content. You are then given two content options (1) To play the game competitively and do GvGs and PvPs. However this community was quickly shut down because of lack of interest from Aran. (2) To boss hunt. This is fun for some time, but after defeating the same boss 100 rounds, it gets extremely boring. Kind of like a watching a dog chase its own tail. 

    Before I moved to Hong Kong, everyone was level 320+ and very little amount of low level players. Now that I am back, its only low level players and low amount of high level players. (Probably because they all quit due to the lack of content).
  2. Lack of originality in the events : 
    You can pretty much divide the events like this: (1) Fixing of glitches or of items (2) New wings and hats (3) New head accesories and masks (4) New MyShop box releases (5) New gacha items (6) An actual event. Notice how 4/6 changes are just new MyShop items for which real money has to be spent. Once in a while releasing new MyShop items is fun, but when all events are just cycles of the same MyShop crap being released, it gets kind of old. 
    There seems to be a serious lack of attention to events and a excessive amount of attention spent on new MyShop items. As a game you should create events where players WANT to be part of it, and they MUST spend significant time to achieve this goal. Make events easy for low levels (as they have a lot of other stuff to focus on) but make them extremely hard for higher levels. (Of course adjust the rewards such that there is an incentive for players to work that hard). 
  3. Too many hurdles for old players to come back :
    Due to the nature of this pay to win game, old players will not want to come back to the game. They feel as if their equipments are too outdated, and updating them would cost a fortune. They feel as if there is not content for them to work for. They feel as if the game is dying anyways so its not worth coming back. 
  4. Lack of new players:
    A game cannot survive by only having old-veteran players. There is a lack of new players (Trickster newbies) that come and play this game, this has always been a problem for Trickster. Right now there is probably no more than 1 new player every month, thats only 1 person that might refer the game to friends, thats only 1 person that might continue playing. We need new players. 


Suggestions to the problems


  1. Lack of content :
    I understand that rTO has trouble with expanding maps as all map slots are taken (or something like that). But you could create new NPCs starting from Blooming Coral that can only be seen with the guardian eye skill and have a whole new adventure continuing with great rewards, a sick story line etc etc. (Much like is already done with the daily quests) however those are extremely boring, and bad rewards.

    You could organise official GvG/PvP events and give players the incentive to fight competitively. (Please don't tell me this has already been attempted. Those attempts were piss poor and destroyed PvP more than it promoted it. I have previously given many event ideas, you just need to think a bit and be original). 

    You could expand player levels (Above Lv 400/500) and give content for such players, such as buff-up skills. Introduce new hunting grounds for grinding which is more eventful than grinding at Chaos Tower. 

    Overall I am suggesting that a little resources are dedicated to creating new content. I am not going to waste my time and suggest a bunch of things, other players have already done that. Just dedicate some thinking to continuous content and players will be happy.
  2. Lack of originality in events :
    I have seen a number of threads suggesting fun/eventful events. Please take those into consideration. The key to a good event is having (1) special rewards, such as a special skill or something. (2) Valuable items, to give incentive for people to even bother. (3) Helps level the character up. (4) Fun and active playing. 

    A poppuri event ticks most of these boxes, however everyone is AFK and no one is playing the game. Try to find a balance!
  3. Too many hurdles for old players to come back :
    Give old players the chance of re-updating their characters without having to spend a fortune. If a character has not logged in in 6 months+ he gets a whole welcome back kit which helps him/her re-update their character. (example would be some [JP] stones/Boss pet boxs/MyShop). 
  4. Lack of new players :
    I know that it is a little weird for a private server to invest in advertisement, but nowadays advertising is very cheap. You can selectively advertise this game via Facebook for very cheap. You could pay an uprising YouTuber to review the game (You could achieve this even for free), how you think games like Fortnite become so popular? If you get the word out there, you will have new traffic. 

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#94044 Poppuri Box Drill & Hunting Event: Amended Number of Boxes per level

Posted by Aran on 17 February 2018 - 10:17 PM

Based on the daily records, it seems that players were not as active in getting the boxes this time around. As such, we have amended the levels to be as follows:




In addition, there will be rewards given to the top three (3) accounts with the most tickets obtained from the boxes. You will be able to get the tickets later, after opening the boxes. Please note that this is the most tickets, not the most boxes.


The rewards are as follows:


#1 = 1 pet slot expansion + Custom Hat Skin made by GM

When worn, hat will give set title “No.1 Poppuri Winner 2018”


#2 = 1 pet slot expansion + Custom Hat Skin made by GM

When worn, hat will give set title “No.2 Poppuri Winner 2018”


#3 = 1 pet slot expansion + Custom Hat Skin made by GM

When worn, hat will give set title “No.3 Poppuri Winner 2018”


If you won, the pet you choose for expansion must have either 0, 1, 2, or 3 slots. A 4-slot pet cannot be expanded.


Good luck, everyone ~




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#90993 GM Wan’s Halloween Box Contents

Posted by Ryuuku on 08 October 2017 - 10:39 AM

Hey guys, I was able to gather and open 100 of these boxes and I decided to share what I got from the boxes. Do not expect what I will list down below to be the most accurate rates, nor expect that everything I listed are the only things you can get from the boxes as 100 boxes isn't a big enough sample size. There have been some who have gotten around 5-7 Year of the Hare Card Packs from opening 100 boxes. Again, your mileage may vary :)


Here's what I got:



2x Year of the Hare Card Pack




7x [TH]White Jazz Dagger Form

4x Pumpkin Monster Sword 40




10x Treat pumpkin on top

7x Pumpkin Monster Headband 40

6x [TH]Pumpkin Witch Hat

6x [TH]White Jazz Hat Form




12x Mystic Flower Shield

5x [TH]White Jazz Shield Form

4x Mystic Snowflake Shield

4x Pumpkin Monster Shield 40



8x Chubby Chick



Fashion (Head)

11x Pumpkin Light Form




8x Lock Candy

6x Protein Candy

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#80928 Patch Note 2016-10-01

Posted by Mizzo on 15 October 2016 - 07:39 AM




7: Violet Ribbon



8: Blue Hibiscus Headpin



9: Orange Floral Headpin



10: Little Pink Flower Headpin



11: Purple Headgear



12: Headbands (various colors)



<3 Mizzo

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#76530 Patch Note 2016-05-26

Posted by Mizzo on 07 June 2016 - 11:28 PM

Hello sweethearts!

I would like to do an event suggestion if that's alright? :D


Event suggestion: Dice star gift box event. This is the event where everyone collects boxes from drilling or killing. In hopes of getting enough pieces to have a roll on the game board.

The last time this event was done was Jan/Feb or March patch of 2015?

It has been quite a while. I would also like to suggest items that would be on the dice board.


Item list (10 suggestions):

Gacha coins.

Gm certifcates

Repair powders

Year of the Hair Card packs

Secret Card card packs

Akuaregia of Nate

Special Akuaregia of Nate

Nates bottles

Gold Tempering Gem



When I told others about this suggestion these are the items they all suggested. Other items that could be on the board could be Carved wooden boxes. Because gambling's always fun :)

Anything mentioned above can be changed like I mentioned its just a suggestion.


Thanks for taking a look at my suggestions~


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#70239 Patch Note 2015-12-21

Posted by Aran on 21 December 2015 - 03:33 PM

1. Starting this patch, Koiosu and True Kronos will drop the accessory instead of the gun.



2. To cater to the request from Foxes who do PVP, the yellow V next to all char’s head have been removed. The V sign is still on your screen if you were a VIP member.



3. The [JP] Libya Earrings 300 (Cat accessory) has been given the speed attribute.



4. The [JP] Ye To~yu Necklace 300 (Bunny accessory) has been given the speed attribute.



5. Base Darkness Attribute of 35% has been given to [JP] Dragon Amulet 300 (Dragon accessory).



6. The [JP] Trow Schedule Iris 300 (Buffalo accessory) is not made into an EXP booster. Our EXP rate in the server is already high.



7. The Level 300 char pets can now be synergized. This function is done by Pet Trainer Shara. In tandem with that, these pets are re-offered for sale in MyShop in game, just in case you want to buy extra pets for training and synergizing purposes.



8. The Level 300 char pets can also be empowered with earring now. In tandem with that, earrings are sold in a box in MyShop. When you buy the box, you will get random earring.


Please take note about synergizing and empowering of pets:


[a] If you fused the pet, when you synergise, the pet will revert back to its original look. You will lose the fused look. You will not get back the lost pet.


[b] If you empowered a fused char pet, the pet will also revert to its original look and you will also lose the fused look. You will not get back the lost pet.


[c] Therefore, do all your synergizing and empowering before you fuse your char pets. And if you have fused them, de-fuse the pets first before synergizing and empowering.



9. The Blood Set level 140 is renamed Customised Blood Set. This is to differentiate this set from the level 180 set.


Customised Blood Set is not considered a legendary unique set. Therefore, the maximum number of slot you can get for each item is 4.


At the same time, this set does display its original legendary characteristics. If you wore the full set, it still gives you bonus stats and the aura of a legendary set. The set cannot be tempered. And it cannot be smelted.


The full set (including the Customised Blood Shield) is made available for sale only during this month. We had initially wanted to offer only the sword, mark, and accessory; however, it feels incomplete to refer to the items as a set without the shield. That is why we offer the shield as well.




The stats for this set can be found here:




10. The drop rate for Sharp Needle – a shadow quest item at Rose Garden – has been increased.



11. The drop rates for the following Techichi quest items have been increased:


[a] Incense Stick

[b] Wind Charm

[c] Iodine Pills

[d] Artifact of Ash



12. The drill rates for the following Caballa Dungeon items have been increased:


[a] Jade

[b] Copal

[c] Obsidian



13. For those Blue and Pink Penguin hunters, if you were lucky enough to kill them, and if you were lucky enough to get a GM Lucky Bag drop, and if you are lucky enough to get Adamantites, the number of Adamantites is now increased to 3x.



14. Blacksmith Marx’s dialog asking players to hunt the monster for Sturdy Scale is fixed. The monster is Merman Aqu.



15. The Quest Log for Beauty Secrets of Mermaid – 4 is fixed. The number of Tanya Sword required by Lethos per run is 2x.



16. The old Dr. Tango pet is offered for sale in MyShop on website. He has been renamed by our esteemed Playtrickster, Ghaspar, as Dr. Garfield. His slot has also been changed to 2 slots. These changes affect all Dr.Tango pets existing in the server.



17. GMWan has created two new wings, Black Santa Wings and Red Santa Wings. They are offered during this maintenance period for sale in MyShop on website. Thanks Ghaspar again for suggesting the black wings.


Please take note of the following characteristics of these wings:


[1] This wings cannot be tempered. The base stats are fixed. The base stats are taken from aranpandora’s Wings of Valkyrie, but the level of these new wings is 200 (to enable lower level players to wear the wings).


[2] These wings can be smelted.


[3] These wings can be expanded to a maximum of 4 slots.


[4] These wings can be traded in game.


[5] This wings can be fused using wings fuse function on website. Please be aware of the wings fuse function. You can only fuse them with original capes, not skins.


[6] Only throughout this maintenance period only, the Black Santa Wings and the Red Santa Wings have a special Merry Christmas name and effect when being put on. These effects will disappear after you have put on the wings. Once this maintenance period is over, the name and effect will disappear when next patch takes place. The black and red colours of the wings will remain, of course.



18. We have a new map for you to Netflix and chill in this game. Go to Blooming Cora town and talk to Rosaspina. She will transfer you to this new map, which is really an old map (TO old timers would know this).


Edit: I am so sorry. I didn't know that it means that. ~ aran


Have fun with the map.







MyShop in Game



1. The boxes for Level 300 Char Capes and Level 300 Char Accessories are still offered in MyShop.


This is to enable players who may still want to get these items to get them, especially those accessory items that have been fixed.



2. The Level 300 char pet boxes are reoffered again to cater to those who may want to do Pet Training, Synergising and Pet Empowerment.



3. The following face masks are reoffered again in MyShop:






4. Piercing Box A


This box contains pet earrings. When you open it, you can get any of the following earrings randomly:


Power Earring

Magic Earring

Sense Earring

Charm Earring

Ancient Earring



5. Count Blood Box

Ggftw: http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Count_Blood%27s_Box



6. Young Blood Box

Ggftw: http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Young_Blood%27s_Box



7. Madame Snow Box

Ggftw: http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Madame_Snow_Box



8. Young Lady Snow Box

Ggftw: http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Young_Lady_Snow_Box



9. Primrose Box 160 / 230






10. Tacky 160 / 230






11. Warrior Bika Halo Box 70 / 150 / 220



12. Blue / Green / Red / Yellow Vivid Boxes



The prices for each levels are the same.

The prices stated in GGFTW are incorrect for some of the boxes.



(a) Blue Vivid Box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310









( B) Green Vivid Box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310









© Red Vivid Box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310









(d) Yellow Vivid Box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310









10. [KR] Martha Santa Elf set Boxes – Power, Magic, Sense, Charm


11. [KR] Santa Elf set Boxes – Power, Magic, Sense, Charm



[KR] Martha and [KR] Santa boxes are our special offer during this Christmas and New Year’s time.


Each box contains seven (7) items: Hat skin, Shield skin, Weapon skin, Cape, Accessory, Head accessory, Pet







MyShop @ Website



1. Special Blood Set


2. Black Santa Wings


3. Red Santa Wings


4. Dr. Garfield pet


5. [JP] Jackal 60 pet


6. [JP] Holy Santa Nadia 240 pet


7.   [JP]Mary Santakyurea  


8. [JP]Merry Santa Hilde









Town 1

Panther Set



Town 2

Bejeweled Set



Town 3

Little Cletta Set



Town 4

Christmas 2011 Set





Special Town

Santa Sephiria & Santa Vinosh








1. Daily Card Event


This event stops on December 31, 2015.


The event page on website will stay until January 7, 2016 to enable players to play the cards and take the prizes.


There are new items added to the cards. Good luck opening them.



2. Christmas/New Year MS Bonus


For Christmas and New Year, MS bonus of 30% is given to players when they donate. This bonus is offered until Sunday, January 10, 2016. Please make sure to check the MS points beforehand when donating to make sure you donating within the bonus period.



3. Christmas Event


Please refer to this link to guide you with the event:





You can find Tango at the top left hand corner of the Christmas Field.


There’s also a monster roaming the field. Try to kill it. It drops some items if you killed it.




Other Matters


1. Regarding other Level 300 char items (weapons, shield, hat etc), sadly they don’t exist. We only have pet, cape, and accessory.



2. The proposal made by hovado for equipment drops at Koiosu and True Kronos cannot be implemented because no drop slot is available. We do not want to arbitrarily replace existing drops with the proposed equipment items because some of these drops may (or may not) be needed as quest items.


On this matter, we will consider these equipment to be dropped by the lesser bosses in Tartarus. We will work on this in January maintenance or future maintenance.



3. Please report any bug/glitch regarding this patch to this thread.



4. Please maintain civility in this thread.

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#68374 'Dem Hax Stats.

Posted by Nariann on 06 November 2015 - 10:16 AM

Honestly, the comments weren't for you Aran. I don't know why you started showig your things when the accusation is obviously about Impy. It would have been nice if Impy would say something because everytime he shows off his things and then questions are asked he disappears and you come to defend him and ask for trust. How can you trust someone who can't even defend himself? And it is not a situation where he can choose to defend or not. If he doesn't say anything you CANNOT ask for trust. You guys even deleted the pictures so no proof was left behind... 


When I was a mod Impy rarely said anything on mod chat but when he did he mostly talked to you. But it was obvious you two talk somewhere else about mod stuff too because you mentioned he knows about things, etc.  When the expanding function came alive on the website, I received several PMs from pvp players that after 30mins of the update he went there and killed everyone. I wanted to ask him if he could test the expanding function before the update and if so please leave pvp alone for at least a day to give the normal players some time to prepare. I got ignored saying "I just spent 600k ms on boxes". My question clearly was a yes or no question "Could you test the expanding function before the update or no?" and after asking it again one more time I got the same answer from him, and you also ignored my question. So I assumed if GM doesn't talk to anyone but you and you could test the new function maybe you shared the test link with him too. This was pure logical thinking because if I remember right you shared the link with me too because I needed screenshots for the Smelting+Expanding guides. I think the same happened now. Maybe you guys testing synergizing function on the web already.


You mentioned you are talking about synergize function on the website with the GM but now you drop the topic.... I can imagine that in the next months it will come alive and you will mention that how bad we players are question things from Impy and how kind the GM is for creating this stuff for us even though we don't deserve it.



I was talking to GM about working on making these pets synergizable; however, seeing how paranoid players are about these 2nd job char pets having high stats, I'll drop this subject.

I didn't know you are in a position to decide how to punish players

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#52582 Suggestion for March event prizes

Posted by Nariann on 12 March 2015 - 03:05 PM

Strawberry and mint cotton candy ---> Feria_Liquid_Medicine.gif Great H potion + Fairy%27s_Drink.gif Great M potion (with reduced weight maybe? 10x potion = 1k WT)


Sky Blue Ribbon Form ---> Bunny Ear Bunny_Ear.png


Ice Penguin Hat Form ---> Captain's Hat  Captain%27s_Hat.png


Spring Flower Head Band Form ---> Fall Mushroom Toque Fall_Mushroom_Toque.png  OR  Tau's Lily Tau%27s_Lily.png OR Traditional Bandana Traditional_Bandana.png


Jelly set ---> Summer Love Set   OR    Artist's Set   OR   Cherry Blossom Set


Edit: added Tau's lily and traditional bandana ^^

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